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IB 461



Course Description

Ornithology (the study of birds) includes lectures, labs, and field trips all designed to introduce students to the amazing world of birds. The lecture will cover topics ranging from the evolution of birds (from dinosaurs), to bird intelligence, to the conservation of local species. The labs and field trips focus mainly on introducing students to the birds of Illinois and their natural history. We will take a field trip at the end of the semester to southern Illinois where we will encounter over 120 species of birds. Birds are often used as model organisms to study ecology, evolution, and behavior, and we will use this amazing collection of information to not only learn more about birds but also increase and develop the students' understanding of these topics.


Instructor Information

Dr. Jeff Birdsley
Department of Biology
Office: 203 Shelford Vivarium


Course Syllabus
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Credit: 4 hours
This course is an Area I (A1) course (Organismal & Evolutionary Biology).


Please note that the syllabus and other course information may change throughout the semester. Changes will be announced in lecture and on the course Moodle site.