Term Paper

Interactions Term Paper

Objective: Provide an opportunity

  • to more thoroughly explore and critique a chosen topic within community ecology,

  • Identify from your critique an idea for future investigation, and

  • practice organizing and presenting your ideas in the format of a research proposal.

For graduate students, chosen topics should not overlap substantially with thesis research.

This year, because of high enrollment in the class, I am asking you to develop group projects consisting of no more than three students. Groups should be composed of either undergraduate OR graduate students.

Format: A seven-minute formal presentation of each project will be given to the class at the end of the semester, with three minutes for questions. Each member of the project group must participate in the presentation. Each group member must write up an independent term paper.

Grading: The written term paper will contribute 30% of the final grade. The project presentation will contribute 15% of the final grade. Peer-assessment will contribute to grading (grading details and detailed guidelines on content available HERE)

  • Stage 1: Initial approval (Wednesday October 15 LATEST). An outline of the system/study organism and question to be addressed. One paragraph maximum. Just one copy for each term paper group please

  • Stage 2: Final approval (Wednesday October 29 LATEST). Explicit statement of the hypothesis, predictions. Also include a brief outline of experimental design (just a couple of sentences for this part. Again, one copy for each group please.

  • Once you have assembled into groups Derek and I will randomly assign groups to one of the term paper presentation sessions.

  • Submission deadline: December 8.

    You are strongly encouraged to discuss you ideas with me, or with Derek Haselhorst our TA, BEFORE submitting your project idea. Email me in advance to set up a meeting (dallingj@life.uiuc.edu)

    Interactions project grading guidelines HERE