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Syllabus 2014



Mon 25 Aug Overview and history of community concepts
Reading: Mittelbach Ch1: pp1-10
Wed 27 Aug Competition: Descriptive models
Reading: Mittelbach Ch7: pp125-132
Fri 29 Aug Competition: Mechanistic models
Reading: Mittelbach Ch7: pp132-147 Or Morin 1st Edn. pp44-49
Wed 3 Sep Competition: experiments
Reading: Mittelbach Ch8: pp154-168
Fri 5 Sep Discussion: Competition
(Connell Barnacle paper requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Paper questions)
Remember to bring a question about the Connell paper to the class!
(READ THIS: A very short read on reading the literature)
Mon 8 Sep Mutualisms 1
Lecture 5 and 6 Readings Mittlebach Ch9 175-194 OR Morin 1st Ed Ch7 191-204
Wed 10 Sep Mutualisms 2
Lecture 5 and 6 Readings: Mittlebach Ch 9 pp175-194 OR Morin 1st Edition Ch 7 pp191-204
Fri 12 Sep Discussion: Mutualisms
(Mycorrhizae paper requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Soil biota paper requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Paper questions) Take your responses to these questions to class and hand to the TA for discussion credit
Mon 15 Sep Predation: models
Lecture 7 readings: Basis for this lecture is the predation chapter in Gotelli Primer in Ecology OR Mittlebach Ch 5 pages 85-96
Wed 17 Sep Predation: experiments
Fri 19 Sep Discussion: keystone predation
(Pisaster paper requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Stable states paper requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Paper questions/information)
Mon 22 Sep Defense from Predation and Herbivory
(Lecture 9 requires pdf reader)
(Lecture 9 literature cited)
(Predator avoidance is covered in Ch. 6 of Mittelbach; Defense theory is not covered in textbooks - use lecture notes and lit cited)
Wed 24 Sep Trophic cascades I
(Lecture 10 and 11 see Mittelbach Ch. 11, pp 230-246 )
Fri 26 Sep Discussion: Herbivory
Brenes paper requires Adobe Acrobat
(Fine paper requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Question sheet for the two papers)
Mon 29 Sep Trophic cascades II
Wed 1 Oct Food Webs
(see Mittelbach Ch. 10, pp 199-204, 214-218, 219-221, 244-247 )
Fri 3 Oct Discussion: Trophic cascade (3 short papers)
(Otter paper (READ FIRST) requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Whale paper requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Sea lions paper requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Extra Bonus paper!! requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Paper questions)
Mon 6 Oct Invasive Species
(Invasive spp guest lecture requires pdf reader)
Wed 8 Oct Mid-term review session
Fri 10 Oct Mid-term Exam lectures 1-12 inclusive
IB 453 specimen Mid-term Exam
Mon 13 Oct Assembly Rules
(Lecture 13 requires pdf reader)
(Lecture 13 literature cited)
Wed 15 Oct Community diversity metrics
(See Mittlebach Ch3, pp 15-18, 31-37)
Fri 17 Oct Invasive spp discussion
(invasion on islands requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Soil biota paper requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Invasive spp questions requires Word)
Please bring your own question from readings to class today
Mon 20 Oct Community phylogenetics
(See Mittelbach Ch 15, pp 324-333)
Wed 22 Oct Island Biogeography
(Lecture 16 requires pdf reader)
(Lecture 16 literature cited)
(See Mittlebach Ch2, pp 31-33)
Fri 24 Oct Discussion Community Phylogenetics
(Losos(2008) requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Violle(2011) requires Adobe Acrobat)
(discussion questions requires word)

Mon 27 Oct Applications to Conservation Biology
Wed 29 Oct Maintenance of Diversity I
(Lecture 18 requires pdf reader)
(Lecture 18 literature cited)
Fri 31 Oct Discussion: Island Biogeography
(Simberloff and Wilson requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Lomolino requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Paper questions)
Mon 3 Nov Maintenance of Diversity II
Wed 5 Nov Maintenance of Diversity III
Fri 7 Nov Discussion: Maintenance of Diversity
(Hubbell et al. requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Sheil and Burslem rebuttal requires Adobe Acrobat)
(Paper questions)

(Molino and Sabatier - for the curious to browse)
Mon 10 Nov Neutral model of biodiversity
See Mittelbach Ch.13 pp. 276-283
Wed 12 Nov Latitudinal Gradients in Diversity
See Mittelbach Ch.2 pp. 19-19
Fri 14 Nov Discussion: Neutral models
The case for neutral theory requires pdf reader Niche assembly requires pdf reader
Paper questions requires word
Bonus paper: Neutral assembly requires pdf reader
Mon 17 Nov Applications to Ecosystem ecology
See Mittelbach Ch. 3 pp. 41-50
Wed 19 Nov Guest lecture
Fri 21 Nov Discussion: Latitudinal diversity gradients
(Review of latitudinal diversity gradient requires pdf reader)
(Regional scale diversity in coral reefs requires pdf reader)
(Paper questions requires pdf reader)
Fri 30 Nov Term paper presentations

TERM PAPER ABSTRACT FINAL VERSION DUE Please email me them by 10:00 AM
(***Presentations schedule***)
(Presentation and term paper instructions and grading requires Word)
Mon 1 Dec Term paper presentations
Wed 3 Dec Term paper presentations
Fri 5 Dec Term paper presentations
Mon 8 Dec Term paper presentations
Wed 10 Dec Term paper presentations