Term Paper

This is a lecture and discussion course that looks at the direct and indirect interactions among species that play a major role in determining the structure and composition of plant and animal communities. Emphasis is given to the integration of local and regional processes influencing coexistence and species diversity. Each week we examine the theoretical and empirical studies underlying species interactions and discuss a recent research paper on the theme. A term paper at the end of the course provides an opportunity to develop a proposal to examine one of these interactions in more detail.

Fall 2014 Meets M,W,F Noon at 161 NOYES (note change from course catalog)

3 semester hours; meets three times a week; offered Fall Even years



Dr. Jim Dalling 
149 Morrill Hall
505 S. Goodwin Ave



Recommended textbook


Mittelbach GG (2012) Community Ecology. (Purchase details here)


Other useful texts

Gotelli, N.J. (2001) A Primer of Ecology, 3rd Edition. Sinauer Associates Inc. MA.

Morin P. (2012) Commmunity Ecology. Wiley Blackwell.

Stevens MHH (2009) A primer of Ecology with R Springer. (Useful for Grad students. Follows Gotelli's text with more mathematical details and R programming notes for reproducing ecological models.)



First exam - 15%

Final exam -  30%

Presentation - 15%

Term paper - 30%

Discussion participation - 10%