Conservation Biology
Lab Syllabus
Spring 2011

January 24

Historic Perspectives


Meine, C. et al. 2006. “A mission-driven discipline”: the growth of conservation biology. Conservation Biology 20:631-651.  Read 631-640. [PDF]

Hardin, G. 1968. The tragedy of the commons. Science 162:1243-1248. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Leopold, A. 1949. The Land Ethic. In, The Sand County Almanac. Oxford University Press, New York. Discussion Paper [PDF]

January 31

Ethics, Biodiversity & Global Hotspots


Miller, J.R. 2005. Biodiversity conservation and the extinction of experience. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 20:430-434. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Ehrlich, P.R. 1988. The loss of diversity. In: Biodiversity, pp21-27, E.O. Wilson Editor, National Academy Press, Washington, D.C. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Orme, C.D.L., et al. 2005. Global hotspots of species richness are not congruent with endemism or threat. Nature 436:1016- 1019. Discussion Paper [PDF]

February 7

Species Concepts & Conservation Biology


O'Brien, S.J. and E. Mayr. 1991. Bureaucratic mischief: recognizing endangered species and subspecies. Science 251:1187-1188. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Rojas, M. 1992. The species problem and conservation: What are we protecting? Conservation Biology 6:170-178. Discussion Paper [PDF]

February 14

Molecular Approaches to Conservation


DeSalle, R. and G. Amato. 2004. The expansion of conservation genetics. Nature 5:702-712. Discussion Paper [PDF]

February 21

Metapopulations & Habitat Loss


Saccheri, I., et al. 1998. Inbreeding and extinction in a butterfly metapopulation. Nature 392:491-494. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Hanski, I., et al. 1995. Metapopulation persistence of an endangered butterfly in a fragmented landscape. Oikos 72:21-28. Discussion Paper [PDF]

February 28

Population Viability Analysis


Brook, B.W., et al. 2000. Predictive accuracy of population viability analysis in conservation biology. Nature 404:385-38. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Stevens, V. M. and M. Baguette. 2008. Importance of habitat quality and landscape connectivity for the persistence of endangered natterjack toads. Conservation Biology 22:1194-1204. Discussion Paper [PDF]


PVA Exercises with Populus/Vortex

Download Vortex Manual as a PDF

March 7

PVA Simulation Modeling - Vortex

March 14

PVA Simulation - Vortex

March 21

Spring Break

March 28

Global Climate Change


McCarty, J.P. 2001. Ecological consequences of recent climate change. Conservation Biology 15:320-331. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Pounds, J.A., et al. 2006. Widespread amphibian extinctions from epidemic disease driven by global warming. Nature 439:161-167. Discussion Paper [PDF]

April 4

PVA Group Reports

April 11

Captive Breeding & Reintroductions: Rapid Evolutionary Change


Heath, D.D., J.W. Heath, C.A. Bryden et al. 2003. Rapid evolution of egg size in captive salmon. Science 299:1738-1740. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Ashley, M.V., M.F. Willson, O.R.W. Pergrams, D.J. O’Dowd, S.M. Gende, and J.S. Brown. 2003. Evolutionary enlightened management. Biological Conservation 11:115-123. Discussion Paper [PDF]

April 18

Invasive Species: Extinctions & Evolutionary Impacts


Blackburn, T.M., et al. 2004. Avian extinction and mammalian introductions on oceanic islands. Science 305:1955-1958. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Mooney, H.A. and E.E. Cleland. 2001. The evolutionary impact of invasive species. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98:5446-5451. Discussion Paper [PDF]


PVA lab write-ups due

April 25

Ecosystem Function & the Loss of Species


Naeem, S., et al. 1994. Declining biodiversity can alter performance of ecosystems. Nature 368:734-737. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Raffaelli, D. 2004. How extinction patterns affect ecosystems. Science 306:1141-1142. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Zavaleta, E.S. and K.B. Hulvey. 2004. Realistic species losses disproportionately reduce grassland resistance to biological invaders. Science 306:1175-1177. Discussion Paper [PDF]

May 2

Sustainable Development


Newton, J.L. and E.T. Freyfogle. 2005. Sustainability: a dissent. Conservation Biology 19:23-32. Discussion Paper [PDF]


Struhsaker, T.T. 1998. A biologist’s perspective on the role of sustainable harvest in conservation. Conservation Biology 12:930-932. Discussion Paper [PDF]