Synthesis of conservation biology with an emphasis on the preservation of biological diversity and its evolutionary potential. Laboratory includes an introduction to the use of modern molecular techniques in conservation biology, computer simulation modeling, and a discussion of current topics in conservation.

Professor Ken N. Paige
School of Integrative Biology
Department of Animal Biology
Office: 481 Morrill Hall, 505 S, Goodwin, Urbana
Phone: 244-6606

Teaching Assistant:

Madhura Siddappaji

Office: 491 Morrill Hall

Phone: 333-8002


Lecture: MWF 10:00-10:50 106B1 Engineering Hall

M 2:00-3:50 284 Morrill Hall
T 3:00-4:50 284 Morrill Hall

W 2:00-3:50 284 Morrill Hall
Computer Room: 277 Morrill Hall (March 7 - March 16)

3 Exams (300 points)

PVA Report (60 points)
Discussion/Lab Participation (40 points)

Readings (60 points)

Graduate Led Lectures (100 points)

Course Links:

Lecture Syllabus

Lab Syllabus

Lab Guidelines


Course text: Principles of Conservation Biology
Martha J. Groom, Gary K. Meffe, C. Ronald Carroll, and contributors. 2006. 3rd Edition Sinauer Associates, Inc. Sunderland, MA


Required Reading: Win-Win Ecology

Michael L. Rosenzweig. 2003. Oxford University Press., NY


Lab Text: Miller, P.S. and R.C. Lacy. 2003. Vortex: A Stochastic Simulation of the Extinction Process. Second Edition, Version 9. IUCN SSC CBSG.


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