IB 432   Genes and Behavior                               


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                Study material : Vocab list; gene-behavior class exercise; generic questions for all papers

                Week 1 : Introduction to Class; ACTN3

                Week 2 : Dominance Hierarchy in Cichlid Fish

                Week 3 : Courtship in Fruit Flies

                Week 4 : MAOA in Aggression and Gene x Environment Interactions

                Week 5 : From Eugenics to Consumer Genomics

                Week 6 : ZENK in Song Communication in Songbirds

                Week 7 : FOXP2 in Vocal Communication in Humans and Animals

                -- midterm --

                Week 8/9 : Epigenetics in Maternal Care in Rats

                -- week 10 vacation --

                Week 11 : Vasopression V1a Receptor and Social Monogamy in Voles

                Week 12 : Novelty Seeking in Humans and Honeybees

                Week 13 : Human Genome Variation and Behavior

                Week 14 : Williams Syndrome

                Week 15 : Epigenetics in Humans