Integrative Biology 426: This course examines physiological adaptations of invertebrate and vertebrate animals to diverse aquatic and terrestrial environments and the extreme habitats embodied therein (hydrothermal/sulfidic, deep sea, and polar regions).


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Physiology of Animals

by Willmer, Stone & Johnston, 2000

Reference texts (on reserve)
1. Animal Physiology, by Schmidt Nielsen 1990, 1997
2. Comparative physiology of animals – an environmental approach, by
Richard Hill, 1976

Grade assignment

4 Hourly exams - 70% of grade
  Undergrads: highest 3 scores
  Grads        : all 4 counted

3 Essay homework - 30% of grade
   Undergrads: HW1, HW2 required
   Grads         : HW1, HW2, HW3 required

  • PPT lectures are posted.
  • There will be changes, modifications, updates and additions covered in class.
  • Class attendance important!

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