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Cell vs. Organism Theory
Kaplan, D. R., et al. (1991). The relationship of cell and organism in vascular plants: are cells the building blocks of plant form? BioScience 41: 693-703.(they omitted the figures from the PDF :-( )
Kaplan, D. R. (1992). The relationship of cells to organisms in plants: problem and implications of an organismal perspective. Int. J. Plant. Sci. 153: S28-S37.
A "Plant Development Wiki" that appears to be primarily focused on the role of cells (but not molecules and genes!) in plant development, hosted by Phil Lintilhac at U. of Vermont
"The Cell Theory", a fairly basic, rather historical view of the issues.

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Does cell division frequency govern leaf shape?
Wyrzykowska, J., et al. (2002). Manipulation of leaf shape by modulation of cell division. Development 129: 957-64.

Re-thinking the cell theory
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Cell versus Organism