Lecture Powerpoint

Verdeil, J-L et al. (2007) Pluripotent versus totipotent plant stem cells: dependence versus autonomy? Trends Plant Sci. 12:245-252
Green, P.B., Preface in "Developmental Order: Its Origin and Regulation" (ed. S. Subtelny & P. B. Green), 1982, A.R. Liss, NY.
Dennis Bray, Wetware: A Computer in Every Living Cell, Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, USA (2009) 267 pp. (The author of this book takes a serious but accessible look at the systems biology approach to addressing the complexity of living systems, starting with single cells. Here's a review of it.).
Powerpoint on some basic concepts in Developmental Biology from website of (good) textbook, "Principles in Development" by Wolpert et al. (slightly annotated for IB424 :-)
Developmental biology website (from Germany) with some useful links and information

Concepts in Developmental Biology