Photosynthesis: Challenges in the 21st Century

Fall 2015

BIOP 432 / CPSC 489 / IB 421

Photosynthesis is directly or indirectly the source of all food, most fuel and many materials. It provides the energy driving all major ecosystems. With a predicted doubling of world population, improving photosynthesis for both food and renewable energy production may be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. UIUC is a world-leader in Photosynthesis research. Learn about the process, opportunities for its improvement and the discoveries made here that revolutionized or are revolutionizing understanding and application.

Assigned Reading. There will be assigned readings or a handout for each class with key information. Readings will be posted on the website before class and students are expected to come to class having read the assignments.

Grades. The course grade will be based on the Final Exam (40%), the Mid-term Exam (40%), homework assignments (10%), and discussions (10%).

Background Text. Blankenship R.E. (2014) Molecular Mechanisms of Photosynthesis. Wiley. The 2002 edition is available from UIUC library,


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