IB 372 Honors Ecology and Evolution

IB 372 Honors Ecology and Evolution

Integrated study of ecology, population genetics, and evolution. Conceptual themes and techniques from the molecular, cellular and organismal levels of biology will be integrated as well. Lecture, laboratory, and field work. Prerequisite: IB271; good standing in the IB honors biology option

5 semester hours; 3 lectures and one lab each week, one weekend field trip to Southern Illinois; offered Fall semesters


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Dr. Jim Dalling 
149 Morrill Hall
505 S. Goodwin Ave

Dr. Stewart Berlocher 
304 Morrill Hall
505 S. Goodwin Ave


Required textbooks


Ricklefs, R (2010) Economy of Nature (6th edition). W.H. Freeman Inc.( a copy is available in the honors lounge)

Futuyma, D. (2009) Evolution (2nd edition). Sinauer Assoc.


Other useful texts

Gotelli, N.J. (2008) A Primer of Ecology (4th edition). Sinauer Assoc.



Ecology mid-term 15%

Ecology in class quizzes 5%

Ecology Final exam essay -  5%

Evolution Final exam -  25%

Labs - 45%

Homework - 5%