Temperate fruits

Malus pumila, Rosaceae, apple, flowers and fruits

Pyrus communis, Rosaceae, pear, fruits

Cydonia oblonga, Rosaceae, quince, flowers, fruit

Prunus angustifolia, Rosaceae, Chickasaw plum, bush with fruits

Prunus armeniaca, Rosaceae, apricot, tree with fruits, fruits

Prunus cerasus, Rosaceae, cherries, fruits

Fragaria sp., Rosaceae, strawberries, fruits, fields

Rubus spp., Rosaceae, blackberries etc., flowers and fruits

Ribes sp., Grossulariaceae, gooseberries, currants, fruits

Vaccinium spp., Ericaceae, blueberries, wild blueberry plants with fruits, fields of wild blueberries, harvesting wild blueberries

Vaccinium macrocarpon, Ericaceae, cranberry, plant with flowers and fruits

Vitis sp., Vitaceae, wild grape fruits

Vitis vinifera, Vitaceae, wine grapes, flowers and fruits

Olea europaea, Oleaceae, olive, flowers, fruits of wild and domesticated types

Opuntia sp., Cactaceae, prickly pear cactus fruit

Temperate nut crops

Juglans regia, Juglandaceae, English walnut, fruit on tree, nuts

Juglans nigra, Juglandaceae, black walnut, fruit and branch

Carya illinoensis, Juglandaceae, pecan branch with fruits, nuts

Prunus amygdalus, Rosaceae, almond plant with fruits

Castanea sativa, Fagaceae, chestnuts, branch with inflorescences, chestnuts

Corylus avellana, Betulaceae, hazel nut, branches with fruits, nuts

Corylus americana, Betulaceae, hazel nut, branches with fruits

Pistachia vera, Anacardiaceae, pistachio, nuts

Pinus edulis, Pinaceae, piñon, tree, seeds and carpellate cone

Carya texana, Juglandaceae, a hickory branch with flowers

Carya sp., Juglandaceae, hickory, fruit

Quercus spp., Fagaceae, oaks, acorns

Ginkgo biloba, Ginkgoaceae, "fruits" and seeds

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