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S = Spiraea subfamily, R = Rose subfamily, A = Peach subfamily, M = Apple subfamily


But the Rose Family (Rosaceae) makes life worth Living!

Many important fruits belong to this family, such as:
apples, pears, plums, peaches, strawberries, and raspberries.

The basic food of many cultures, especially before the widespread movement of crop plants in the past few hundred years, is based on a combination of a grass cereal grain and a legume. The grain provided calories while the legume contributes important proteins. Some classic examples include rice and soy beans in eastern Asia, barley and lentils in Europe, and corn (maize) and beans in the Americas.

A modern equivalent of this grain/legume combination is the peanut butter & jelly sandwich, the bread coming from wheat and peanuts being a legume. However, what makes the peanut butter & jelly sandwich taste great? Why the strawberry jam, the apple jelly, or the raspberry, blackberry, apricot, peach, and cherry preserves, all members of the Rosaceae!

Photo by K. R. Robertson, which he calls "The Rose Family Bowl"

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