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Integrative Biology 302

Evolution - Spring 2011


Welcome to Evolution!

'Nothing in biology makes sense except in light of evolution' T. Dobzhansky.


Evolution is the unifying concept of biological science. Most people are familiar with evolution as the subject of controversy in elementary and high school education. In reality evolutionary ideas link all the different fields of biology.



Dr. Alison Bell
433 MH
Phone: 265-5469
Office Hours:
1-2, Mon, Weds or by appt.

Nick Morphew
300 Natural History Building
Phone: 244-7350
Office Hours:
by appt.
Dr. Stewart Berlocher
318B MH
Phone: 333-2929
Office Hours:
2-4 Tues, Thurs or by appt.

NHB = Natural History Building, MH = Morrill Hall

For all three instructors email is the GREATLY preferred method of contact. Please only phone in an emergency.


Course Information

Course websites: (starting 2nd week of classes)
Classes: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00 PM 12:50; 103 Mumford
Lab: 309 Natural History Building.
Credit: 4 hours
Prerequisites: IB 150, MCB 150, IB 204