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Marsha Wheeler (marsha.wheeler@gmail.com)

           Class Schedule and Location:

                Lecture: 407 Morrill Hall, MWF 11-12; Lab: 283 Morrill Hall, W 1 - 5

           Course General Information:



           Lectures and Readings:

                Week 1-2:        Inheritance

                Week 3:            Precursors and Complex Biomolecules

                Week 4:            DNA, RNA and the Origin of Life

                Week 5:            How to make a living on Earth?

                Week 6:            Prokaryote Diversification

                Week 7:            Organelles with genomes and without genomes

                Week 8:            Cell division and genetic recombination

                Week 9-10:      Cell communication, RNAi and gene regulation

                Week 11:          Cancer and microarrays

                Week 12:          Evolution of Multicellularity; Stem Cells and Cloning

                                            -- vacation --

                Week 14:          Development and Patterning; EvoDevo

                Week 15-16:    Genome sequencing, comparative genomics, genome variation and GWA

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