This course will cover the fundamentals of evolutionary biology and modern transmission genetics. Our lectures are aimed at undergraduates majoring in biological sciences with career interests in a diversity of areas, including evolutionary research, medicine, conservation, science writing, or education. The course serves as a framework for interdisciplinary interests in biology, thus the interrelation of genetics and evolution is emphasized throughout. The course is divided into the two areas, with the evolution section during the first half, followed by genetics. The evolution portion of the course will emphasize historical patterns from fossils and phylogenies and will cover the basic processes that mediate evolution, from molecules to humans. The genetics portion covers genetic data analysis, gene mapping, genomes, and population genetics. Readings from the text and lecture notes may be supplemented with reading and discussion of current literature. Prerequisites: IB 150 and MCB 150 or equivalent

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Dr. Sydney Cameron
School of Integrative Biology
Dept. of Entomology
215b Morrill
Office hours: T Th 10:30-11:30 or by appointment

Dr. Kim Hughes
School of Integrative Biology
Dept. of Animal Biology
465b Morrill
Office hours: MW 10-11 or by appointment.

Required Texts

Evolutionary Analysis, 3rd Edition (2004)
Freeman and Herron.
Prentice Hall

Essentials of Genetics, 5th Edition (2005), by W.S Klug and M.R. Cummings

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign