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Integrative Biology 151

Organismal & Evol Biol Lab

It is our pleasure to welcome you to a new semester of Integrative Biology 151. I hope you find taking this course an enjoyable and rewarding experience. If you have any questions or problems do not hesitate to contact any of us. And, of course, if there is anything you found particularly informative, rewarding, or enjoyable, please let us know that as well.


Faculty and Staff for Integrative Biology 151

Nick Morphew is the course coordinator for IB 151 and is the person in charge of the entire course. Nick supervises the teaching assistants and prep staff and manages student grades. Katherine runs the labs and arranges make-up labs and lab assignments. Any comments about improving the lab exercises would be appreciated.


Contact information for Nick- phone: 244-7350 (voice mail), email:, office: 300 Natural History Building.


Laboratory Teaching Assistants:

VERY IMPORTANT: Your IB 151 TA and your IB 150 TA (if you are taking both simultaneously) have nothing to do with one another. Your lecture TA does not have access to lab information and your lab TA does not have access to lecture information. Your lab TA is your primary contact person for IB 151. They will introduce you to the lab material each week, help you with the lab exercises, administer quizzes and other assignments and grade your material.


Prep Staff:

The prep staff are undergraduates like you. They set up the lab each week and before each lab session and pass out material during the lab.


Additional contact information and information about lab responsibilities and procedures will be presented during the first lab period and at the beginning of other lab periods as required.