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Ent. 105
Final Exam
May 12, 2000

1. (1 point) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of parthenogenesis?
a. it allows for a close match with the environment
b. it generates variation, which is essential for surviving in a changeable world
c. it permits rapid reproduction

2. (2 points) Sperm cells are produced in organs called __________ and are expelled through the body of an insect through the ___________.

3. (1 point) Which of the following is NOT characteristic of a female lepidopteran?
a. XY chromosomes
b. spermatheca
c. seminal vesicle
d. follicles

4. (2 points) Name two orders in which haplodiploidy occurs:

5. (1 point) Provide an example of a sexual dimorphism in insects:

6.(1 point) Which of the following is NOT a prezygotic isolating mechanism?
a. hybrid sterility
b. nuptial gift
c. pheromone signalling
d. species-specific stridulation

7. (3 points) Classify the following pesticides as inorganics, synthetic organics, or botanicals:
a. Paris Green
b. parathion
c. pyrethrum

8. (1 point) What does "IPM" stand for?

9. (3 points) Provide these important dates in the history of DDT:
a. discovery of its insecticidal properties
b. publication of "Silent Spring"
c. domestic ban on use

10. (1 point) What is cross-resistance?

11. (1 point) Before the widespread use of DDT, red spider mites were rarely abundant enough in tree fruits to cause damage. However, after the introduction of DDT and other chlorinated hydrocarbons, red spider mites became major tree fruit pests. What kind of pest is the red spider mite?

12. (1 point) Where is the ancestral home of the red imported fire ant?
a. Africa
b. South America
c. Mexico
d. Asia

13. (1 point) Would you rather have your yard infested with monogyne or polygyne colonies of fire ants? Why?

14. (1 point) One factor that may limit the western spread of red imported fire ants is ___________.

15. (1 point) Name one species of insects for which eradication has been a successful control strategy:

16. (1 point) What is Mirex?

17. (1 point) How many U. S. acres are infested with fire ants today?
a. 2,750,000
b. 27,500,000
c. 275,000,000
d. 2, 750,000,000

18. (3 points) Who were the following "firsts"?
a. first State Entomologist (New York)
b. first State Entomologist of Illinois?
c. first Federal Entomologist

19. (2 points) Describe two contributions of Charles Valentine Riley to the development of entomology in the U.S.

20. (1 point) Who was responsible for delivering the first lectures on entomological subjects at the University of Illinois?

21. (1 point) What book, published in 1824-28, was written by Thomas Say?

22. (1 point) How did the Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862 affect the history of entomology in the U.S.?

23. (1 point) How does the doctrine of res ipsa loquitor apply to lawsuits involving insect bites?

24. (1 point) Provide one example of an entomological error made in a court of law.

25. (1 point) Why do many states require apiaries to be inspected regularly?

26. (1 point) How has the encroachment of African bees affected the status of bee-related lawsuits?

27. (2 points) What are two reasons beekeepers might be sued by their neighbors?
28. (2 points) According to insurance laws, in what ways, other than by stinging or biting a driver, have insects caused motor vehicle accidents?

29. (1 point) Where might you find Aethina tumida?

30. (1 point) Why did Native Americans refer to honey bees as "white man's flies"?

31. (1 point) True or false: Killer bee venom is not more toxic than venom from European bees.

32. (2 points) What are two ways used to distinguish Africanized bees from European bees?

33. (1 point) How many species are in the genus Apis?
a. one
b. between four and seven
c. between 14 and 16
d. between 40 and 60

34. (3 points) Provide the name of the arthropod symbol for each of the sports teams below:
a. Georgia Tech
b. Charlotte (NBA)
c. University of Richmond

35. (1 point) What insect might you expect to find in the Beebe family coat of arms?

36. (1 point) Name an insect involved in totemic systems in Australia:

37. (1 point) Name one Illinois company with an insect corporate symbol:

38. (1 point) Etymologically, how is the word "psychology" related to insects?

40. (1 point) Other than for their purely aesthetic value, why do insects appeal to artists?

41. (1 point) In his painting "Self Portrait of the Painter with his Wife," what insect does the Master of Frankfurt include for its trompe l'oeuil effect?
a. death's head moth
b. fly
c. grasshopper
d. ant

42. (1 point) Why do aposematic insects appear with such frequency in medieval illuminated manuscripts?
a. because they are mentioned more frequently in religious texts
b. because they are poisonous and serve as moral warnings
c. because they are brightly colored and look attractive
d. because their biology was of interest to the general population

43. (1 point) Provide one example of insects featured in sculpture:

44. (1 point) What insect is used for body adornment by Yanomami Indians in northern Brazil?
a. dragonfly
b. wasp
c. butterfly
d. scarab beetle

45. (2 points) Describe two instrumental methods used to simulate the sound of insect flight in songs:

46. (1 point) What entomological event is commemorated by the folk song "Ballad of the Boll Weevil"?

47. (1 point) Perhaps the oldest piece of written music including an insect reference was written by Josquin des Prez; what insect was featured?
a. a cicada
b. a cricket
c. a fly
d. a bee

48. (2 points) Provide the title of a movie with special arthropod effects involving
a. blue screen/traveling matte:
b. puppet model

49. (1 point) Provide one explanation for why insects appear so frequently in computer-generated animated films:

50. (2 points) Describe two conventions typically found in insect cartoons:

51. (1 point) In the 1977 film "Bug," how do insects communicate with humans?
a. scientists use a translator device
b. scientists broadcast recorded sounds via a radiotransmitter
c. insects spell out words with their bodies
d. superintelligent insects have learned human speech

52. (1 point) The filmmaker who developed animation techniques by watching a fly while filming intertitles was
a. Segundo de Chomon
b. Winsor McCay
c. Bert I. Gordon
d. Wladislaw Starewicz

54. (1 point) Name one film in which genetically engineered insects play a central role:

55. (2 points) Provide two explanations for pruritis, erythema, or paresthesia other than delusory parasitosis:

56. (1 point) Define "formication":

57. (1 point) What is folie a deux and how does it relate to delusory parasitosis?

58. (1 point) Under what conditions might a phobic response to insects be considered adaptive?

59. (2 points) Describe two types of therapy used to treat entomophobia:

60.(1 point) How might computer technology affect the career of a professional insect wrangler?

61. (1 point) The name of the individual who amassed the largest individual natural history collection in history was:
a. H. W. Bates
b. A. S. Meek
c. Alfred Russell Wallace
d. Walter Rothschild

62. (2 points) Name two cities anywhere in the world where you can find a butterfly voliary:

63. (2 points) Name two major markets for mass-reared insects, other than for bait or pet food:

64. (1 point) What is meant by "insect deadstock"?

65. (1 point) If the monarch butterfly spends the winter in Mexico, why is it the state insect of Illinois?

66. (1 point) How much damage have introduced insects caused over the last century in the U.S.?
a. $90 million
b. $900 million
c. $9 billion
d. $90 billion

67. (1 point) Which of the following insect introductions was NOT accidental?
a. Solenopsis invicta
b. Blattella germanica
c. Aedes aegypti
d. Rodolia cardinalis

68. (1 point) Name one kind of insect, other than a butterfly, that has been officially recognized as endangered and placed on a list for protection:

69. (2 points) Identify two introduced species whose common names indicate a presumed place of origin:

70. (3 points) Name an arthropod with
a. external fertilization
b. indirect sperm transfer
c. direct sperm transfer

71. (1 point) From what species was the first insect sex pheromone isolated?
a. Apis mellifera
b. Drosophila melanogaster
c. Musca domestica
d. Bombyx mori

72. (3 points) List three ways pheromones can be used to control pests:

73. (2 points) Name the authors of these historic entomological publications:
a. Lepidopterous Insects of Georgia
b. A Catalogue of Insects of Pennsylvania

74. (1 point) What legislative act of Congress established the nationwide system of state agricultural experiment stations?
a. Smith-Lever Act
b. Hatch Act
c. Mann Act
d. Volstead Act

75. (5 points) In the scientific name Ctenocephalides felis L.,
a. which is the genus name?
b. what taxonomic unit is designated by felis?
c. what does the "L" stand for?
d. what insect is this?
e. why is the name italicized?

76. (1 point) What is one reason that scientists prefer scientific names to common names?

77. (1 point) The proper way to write the name of the African "killer" bee is
a. Apis mellifera scutellata
b. Apis Mellifera Scutellata
c. apis mellifera scutellata
d. Apis Mellifera scutellata

78. (1 point) Approximately how many insect species have been described?

79. (1 point) Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the phylum Arthropoda?
a. metamerism
b. tagmosis
c. bilaterial symmetry
d. closed circulatory system

80. (6 points) Fill in the chart below
Arachnida Insecta
Number of body regions _____ _____
Number of legs _____ _____
Number of antennae _____ _____

81. (18 points) Of the insect orders
Ephemeroptera Homoptera Hymenoptera
Odonata Hemiptera Coleoptera
Dictyoptera Orthoptera Diptera
Isoptera Phthiraptera Siphonaptera
Thysanura Phasmida Lepidoptera
list two that are entirely aquatic in all life stages

list two that contain species parasitic on vertebrates in both adult and immature stages

list two that contain eusocial species

list two that contain species that suck plant sap

list two that contain species that are coprophagous

list two that contain species that are stored product pests

list two that are entirely phytophagous

list two that contain parasitoids

list two with wings that do not fold flat over the body

82. (1 point) In what kind of insects are imaginal discs found?
a. hemimetabolous
b. holometabolous

83. (5 points) Entomology, like many branches of science, involves the use of acronyms and abbreviations. Describe the significance of the abbreviations listed below (note: you don't have to identify the words for which each letter stands)
a. DNA



d. IGR

e. DDT

84. (7 points) Humans and insects are unlike each other in many ways. Of the following biological traits, indicate which are human, which are insectan, and which are both:
a. tracheae
b. oxygen-carrying pigment used for respiration
c. direct sperm transfer
d. insight learning
e. entomophagy
f. chitin
g. altruism

85. (4 points) Name two commercially important products manufactured by insects and identify the insect that manufactures them:
Product Insect

87. (1 point) Provide an entomological example of anthropomorphism

88. (2 points) Name one insect-pollinated plant and its pollinator
plant-- pollinator--

89. (2 points) List two ways artificial selection has made crop plants more vulnerable to insect herbivores:

90. (6 points) Of the following insects,
Aedes aegypti Xenopsylla cheopis Phthiris pubis Anopheles gambiae Pediculus humanus Musca domestica
a. which is a vector for Plasmodium?
b. which is a vector for plague?
c. which is a vector for typhus?
d. which is an ectoparasite that is not known to be an important vector of any disease?
e. which is a vector for yellow fever?
f. which can act as a carrier for typhoid fever?

91. (1 point) In which of the following orders are gall-formers NOT found?
a. Diptera
b. Hymenoptera
c. Dictyoptera
d. Homoptera

92. (4 points) What are the following substance and who manufactures them?
What is it? Who makes it?

a. honey

b. honeydew

93. (1 point) At the present time, there is a locust outbreak taking place in Australia. What environmental conditions do you think might have led to this outbreak?

94. (1 point) Identify one commercial use of spider silk:

95. (2 points) List two contemporary uses for cochineal:

96. (4 points) What kinds of arthropod biological control agents have been used to
a. control plant-feeding insect pests such as cottony-cushion scale?
b. control weeds, such as prickly pear cactus?
c. control dung-feeding flies?
d. control fire ants?

97. (2 points) What are two ways that processing plant products for storage make life easier for stored product pests?

98. (2 points) Two physiological or morphological adaptations possessed by a number of stored product pests include

99.(1 point) Which of the following characteristics DOES NOT define eusociality?
a. cooperative brood care
b. overlap of generations
c. possession of a stinger
d. reproductive division of labor

100. (4 points) Which non-insect class of arthropods do the following animals belong?
a. millipedes
b. centipedes
c. crabs
d. ticks

101. (1 point) Which of the following statement about edible insects is NOT true?
a. they are high in protein
b. they are low in fat
c. they are rich in minerals and vitamins
d. they contain cholesterol.

102. (1 point) People allergic to which of the following should not eat insects?
a. dust
b. pollen
c. grass
d. nuts

103. (1 point) Which of the following colors is NOT considered aposematic?
a. red
b. gray
c. black
d. yellow

104. (1 point) True or false: In a Batesian mimicry complex, the model is toxic and the mimic is palatable.

105. (4 points) Of the following insects, which manufactures its own defense compounds and which relies on sequestered plant compounds?
a. monarch butterfly
b. bombardier beetle
c. stink bug
d. swallowtail caterpillar

106 . (2 points) Describe two ways insects can be used to treat injuries or diseases without swallowing them:

107. (1 point) The active component of extracts of Spanishfly is a chemical called _________.

108. (1 point) What is prey switching behavior, or selectivity, and why is it important to anglers?

109. (2 points) A ________ is a segment of DNA on a chromosome coding for a protein or RNA molecule; a change in that segment, either in DNA sequence or location, is called a __________.

110. (1 point) The process by which those individuals with heritable traits conferring survival produce more offspring than other individuals lacking such traits is called _______ ________.

111. (2 points) Give two reasons Drosophila melanogaster is so popular for genetic studies:
112. (4 points) Provide the common name of an arthropod that eats
a. human blood
b. human tears
c. human flesh
d. mucus

113. (1 point) Provide an example of forensic entomology that doesn't involve estimation of postmortem interval.