practice lab exam 1a. What is the magnification power of this scope? (ocular=10X objective=10X)
b. Where (location) was this specimen collected?
c. When was this specimen collected?

2.a. Name the order. (moth)
b. How would you preserve this caterpillar?

3.a. Name the order. (honey bee)
Name two commercial products other than honey produced by this insect.

4.a. Name the order. (cicada)
Name two other commercial products produced by members of this insect's order.

5.a. Name the order that Drosophila melanogaster belongs to.

Name two Drosophila mutants that you saw during the genetics lab.

6.a. What is the technical term for the type of forelimb found on this mantid?

b. You decide to feed this mantid a black and yellow beetle. The mantid catches and nibbles on the beetle, then drops the beetle and pukes all over its cage.

What type of coloration does the beetle show?

What is a likely reason for the observed reaction of the mantid?

7.a. Name the order. (flea)
b. What type of parasite is shown here, ecto- or endo-?
c. Name a control measure used in the film against mosquitoes.

8. Which of the following insects would you likely find on a skunk that's been dead for one day?
Assume that this fine specimen is at least as fresh as the raccoon.
keratin-crunching dermestid beetle larvae
casein-consuming cheese skipper maggots
flesh-munching callophorid maggots

How can you tell how old a maggot is?

9.a. Name the order that dragonfly nymphs belong to.
b. How do dragonfly nymphs breathe in water?
c. How do hydrofuge hairs help insects breath in aquatic environments?

10.a. One reason bees are calmed by a smoker is that they cannot readily perceive chemical signals used to co-ordinate defense. Name these chemical signals - bee specific!

b. Name the order. (crickets)
c. What structures do crickets use to chirp?

11. Name at least three things that you can change about your appearance to limit your chances of being stung by angry honeybees.

12.a. Name the order. (belostamatid - toe biter)
b. Name the order. (cockroaches)

c.. If you are allergic to shellfish, why should you be careful about eating chocolate?