LECTURES: 151 Everitt at 11:00-11:50
LABS: NHB 326 at 2pm or 3:30pm

Important Dates/ Notices

FINAL EXAM: MONDAY MAY 10, 7:00pm - 10:00pm in EVRT - 151 (where we have lecture)

If you submitted extra credit, you will receive an email from Jo Holley with your point total so that you will know if you need to turn in extra credit insects. A film/TV review will also be accepted for 4 points. If you wish to pick up your extra credit papers, they will be in 320 Morrill Hall.

If you have not yet picked up your second exam, you may retrieve it from 320 Morrill Hall between 9:00am-5:00pm

M, W and F 11am
Lecures - in Everitt 151


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Websites of Interest

Lots of insect images and identification. Good resource to become familar with the Orders

International Year of Biodiversity

Insect Art and Photography links
Christopher Marley
Mike Libby
Jewelry on Etsy
Piotr Naskrecki
Alex Wild Photography
Igor Siwanowicz
Beetles and interior design

Google Scholar

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Term Paper Guidelines
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Arthropod Rearing
Possible insects to rear, rearing guides and what to include in the final write-up

Advice for Writing Term Papers
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Insects in the news

Feb 19 - Malaria killed King Tut!

Jan 22 - How to find bedbugs, and a link to the dirtiest hotels.

Jan 19 - Australians are using cochineal to control cactus

Jan 18 - Insect antifreeze: a New York Times piece

Jan 15 - Three Nasonia wasp genomes published!
 - the Science paper
 - the PLoS Genetics companion  paper

Jan 15 - Global trade and invasive insects in the Wall Street Journal

Jan 13 - Insects inspire night vision for Toyota drivers

Found some insect news? Send it to Jo to post here.

Updated 22th Jan 2010

Photo credits:
J. Whitfield (cicada, mantid), C. Dietrich (leafhopper), H. Hines (bumble bee), D. Takiya (treehopper), S. Taylor (tiger beetle), A. Zangerl (milkweed bugs)