Grading Policy

Exams: 60%

  • 2 midterms and a comprehensive final
  • all multiple-choice format

Discussion: 35%

Environmental Issues Activity: 5%

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity means being honest about your intellectual work.  In the context of our course, this means that you assert that written work you submit for the course is a product of your intellectual effort and not the work of someone else.  The written materials you prepare for plant biology class are a method of demonstrating your knowledge of the facts and your understanding of the concepts of IB 105.  If you use the words and ideas of another as your own, you are not being honest and have only demonstrated the other person's knowledge and understanding, not your own.

The University of Illinois has specific policies and regulations concerning academic integrity in the Student Code, Article 1--Students Right and Responsibilities, Part 4. Academic Integrity.   As a student of the University it is your responsibility to become familiar with, understand, and abide by Academic Integrity as defined in this article.  It should be noted that ignorance of these regulations is not a defense in cases of infringement of the rules of academic integrity.