Spring 2012

Introduction to ecological principles in relation to understanding environmental problems; emphasizes impacts upon ecosystems by human activities such as air and water pollution, usage of pesticides and pest control measures, expansion of agriculture in tropics and arid regions, harvesting the oceans, and development of energy sources. The course meets twice a week as a lecture and once a week in a face-to-face discussion. 3 hours.

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Course Goals

After taking this course, a student should be able to:

  • describe how humans - as animals - need nature to survive.
  • compare and contrast ways in which people have distinguished between the use and abuse of nature.
  • summarize ways in which sustainability has been defined.
  • list environmental problems that are the result of unsustainable human behavior, and explain the root causes of environmental problems.
  • explain core concepts in ecology, and summarize our ecological understanding of environmental problems.
  • explain how human health is related to land health.
  • summarize changes in design/architecture, economics, policy, and education that promote sustainability.
  • articulate his/her environmental ethic, and list actions to reduce his/her ecological footprint.
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Dr. Ben Clegg

School of Integrative Biology
Department of Plant Biology

Office: 301 NHB Urbana
Email: bclegg@illinois.edu
Office Hours by appointment

Course Text

Wright and Boorse - "Environmental Science:  Toward A Sustainable Future, 11e" - Recommended

 Also available as etext at CourseSmart.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign