IB 104 Faculty and Staff for Fall 2011

Professor Hugh Robertson, Lecturer and Overall Organization

Email: hughrobe@uiuc.edu

417 Morrill Hall; 333-0489

Laboratory Coordinator:  Gwyn Puckett

Email: puckettg4@gmail.com

300 Natural History Building; 244-7350 office (voice-mail messages may be left anytime)

Hugh Robertson is responsible for the overall running of the course. He will give the lectures and manage the hourly exams and the final exam. All questions related to exams should be directed to him. He also decides the course letter grade break points at the end of the semester.

The Laboratory Coordinator, Gwyn Puckett, will manage the laboratory, address questions related to lab teaching, quizzes, and lab absences, and arrange make-up labs and make-up quizzes.

The lab TAs are graduate students in the Department of Entomology or associated departments. They teach the laboratories and grade the lab quizzes. They also grade the genetics assignment.

The prep staff prepare and maintain the laboratory, and manage the lab equipment and materials used during a lab.

Student Schedule Changes

The ADD deadline is Friday, 2 September. The SECTION CHANGE deadline is also Friday, 2 September. The DROP deadline is Friday, 14 October. All changes are made by UI Integrate. The CREDIT/NO CREDIT deadline is also Friday, 14 October. To elect the CREDIT/NO CREDIT option, apply at your College Office.

To drop the course after the drop deadline, students must obtain a petition in their college office and bring petitions to Professor Robertson for completion of attendance and grade records. Course policy is generally to allow such drops -- but deans often disagree!

Required and Recommended Materials

The following is a list of items required for IB 104. Please pay careful attention to dates and editions when purchasing these items.





Grading will be based on a total of 400 points

Hourly Exam I*


Hourly Exam II*


Hourly Exam III*


Laboratory Quizzes (3 @ 30 points)**


Genetics Homework Assignment


Lab Participation


Final Exam***





*Each exam will cover both lecture material and lab material. See the Laboratory and Lecture Syllabus for the lab material covered on each exam.

**A total of 4 quizzes will be administered, and the highest 3 scores will count.

***The final exam will cover all lecture material, comprehensively, and Laboratory Exercises 10-12. There is no comprehensive laboratory final.

Final Grades

Professor Robertson will decide the final letter grade "cutoffs" at the end of the semester, after the final exam. He will use the point totals rather than examining scores on individual exams and quizzes. This means that all points earned during the semester are equivalent. Letter grade estimates will be provided during the semester to help students evaluate their performance. Pluses and minuses will be used in final grading.

Course Gradebook

Students may view their grades in this course by signing in to the course Web site and following the instructions from there.

Gradebook Entry Corrections

Students are responsible for checking their own scores in the Course Gradebook. This is important, because this is the ONLY record we keep of your point totals. We use this information to assign your final grade. Report apparent gradebook entry errors to your TA, or the Laboratory Coordinator. Students are urged to keep all graded quizzes and homework until after the gradebook entry correction deadline, which is 5 PM Friday, 9 December.

Exam, Quiz, and Assignment Schedules


Exams cover both lecture material and lab material. The lecture material to be covered will be announced in lecture. The lab material covered is listed in the Laboratory Syllabus.



Exam I

Wednesday, 21 September

Exam II

Wednesday, 19 October

Exam III

Wednesday, 9 November


Tuesday, 13 December

Schedule of Exams and Quizzes

All quizzes will be given at the beginning of the lab period and will be worth 30 points each.

Lecture Exams are taken in the regular lecture room, 228 NHB.


Lab Week


Lab Quiz

Lecture Exam (includes labs listed)


21 September

EXAM 1 (labs 1&2)


26-30 September

QUIZ 1 (Labs 1-3)


10-14 October

QUIZ 2 (Labs 4-5)


19 October

EXAM 2 (labs 3-6)


31 October - 4 November

QUIZ 3 (Labs 6-8)


9 November

EXAM 3 (labs 7-9)


14-18 November

QUIZ 4 (Labs 9-10)


13 December



Genetics Assignment

The Genetics Assignment will be handed out in laboratory the week of 14-18 November, and will be due in your laboratory class the week of 28 November - 2 December. It consists of a set of problems based on lecture and lab material. You should complete this assignment with the help of your textbook and the lab manual (and your TA, if necessary), but your work should be your own. Your TA will collect your homework in lab. Late homework will not be accepted unless an exception is granted by Gwyn Puckett.

Hourly Exam Instructions

Final Exam Instructions

When in doubt as to whether your situation is a "conflict," always ask. E-mail requests to Professor Robertson for conflicts are preferred, and should be made by 5 PM Monday the week of a scheduled exam. Keep in mind that lab quizzes are much harder (often impossible) for us to reschedule than exams, because the lab quizzes use freshly prepared materials and microscope slides.


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