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Postdoctoral scientists

Ph.D. students

Undergraduate students

Former lab members

Postdoctoral Associates

  • Gina Clarke (04-07) Research Associate, University College London
  • Daniel Gavin (01-05) Associate Professor, University of Oregon
  • Andrew Henderson (04-07) Assistant Professor, University of Glasgow, UK
  • Philip Higuera (06-09) Assistant Professor, University of Idaho
  • Jason Lynch (01-03) Assistant Professor, North Central College (03-07) and Senior Scientist, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • David Nelson (05-06) Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
  • Willy Tinner (99-00) Professor, University of Bern, Switzerland
Graduate Students
  • Lynn Anderson (PhD 06) Lecturer/Advisor, University of Michigan
  • Carolyn Barrett Dash (PhD 13) Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies, Hamilton College
  • Paul Henne (PhD 06) Postdoctoral Fellow, ETH-Zurich and University of Bern, Switzerland
  • Jeremy Hollis (MS 02) Technology Manager, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Ryan Kelly (PhD 2014) Postdoc, Boston University and Duke University
  • Hillary Lauren
  • David Nelson (PhD 05) Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
  • Jian Tian (PhD 05) Research Scientist, H.C. Material, Chicago
  • Kevin Wolfe (MS 07) Assistant Scientist, Illinois Geological Survey
Research Specialists
  • Dr. Byoung Lee (99-01) Scientist, South Korea Biodiversity Center
  • Sumiko Yoneji (01-02) Scientist, Department of Microbiology, University of Illinois

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Plant Biology

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Integrative Biology

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Program in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

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