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Successive Generations of Lab-reared Crepidula atrasolea

Transgenic approaches and the ability to rear successive generations of Crepidula snails sets the stage for generating transgenic lines of snails for experimental research

Special acknowledgements to our collaborator Dr. Deirdre Lyons (Duke University) and to Drs. Leslie Babonis and Mark Martindale (The Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience)

Juvenile lab-reared snails from the embryos
of wild-caught Crepidula atrasolea




Simple floating culture tubes containing lab-reared Crepidula atrasolea adults



Close up view of lab-reared Crepidula atrasolea
adults including large gravid females



Close up view of yellow embryos being brooded by
lab-reared adult Crepidula atrasolea female