Photo of the Year 2018

We honor the two 2018 awardees for Excellence in Biological Sciences

Logan Robert Hurst is in Rutilio "Rudy" A Fratti's lab (Department of Biochemistry and Center of Biophysics & Quantitative Biology, UIUC;; Logan is investigating how sphingolipids control the localization of small GTPases at the site of fusion between yeast vacuoles.

Daniel Bruce Raudabaugh is in Andrew Miller's lab (Prairie Research Institute, Illinois Natural History Survey, and Department of Plant Biology, UIUC;; Daniel is investigating the distribution and functional roles of detritus inhabiting higher fungi across contrasting aquatic environments.

Left to right: Daniel; Govindjee; Logan; and Rajni.
In the background is Govindjee's 1965 Z-Scheme (see Govindjee et al. (2017) Photosynth Res 133: 5-15, for the scheme and history; Recent Publications 1994-2018). In the foreground is the "proof" of the plaque for Emerson and Rabinowitch (see pictures on the right).
Photo by Manfredo Seufferheld
Left to right: Haiyong Weng (2018 Visiting Scholar from the College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science, Zhejiang University Hangzhou, China) visiting Govindjee and Carl Bernacchi; Daniel; Photosynthesis plaque honoring Robert Emerson and Eugene Rabinowitch (north side of the Natural History Building); Logan; Manfredo Seufferheld (who had been a visiting scientist in Govindjee's Lab (see: Govindjee and Seufferheld (2002) Functional Plant Biology 29: 1141-1155; and Zhou, Y. et al. (2015) Algal Research 11: 134-147; also see Wired In: Manfredo Seufferheld of FrostDefense Envirotech); and Rajni.

Photo by Govindjee
Left to right: Logan; Govindjee; 2017 version of the Z-Scheme of photosynthesis (see Govindjee et al. (2017) Photosynth Res 133: 5-15, for the scheme and history); Daniel; and Rajni.

Photo by Manfredo Seufferheld, taken outside Govindjee's office (669 Morrill Hall)
Left to right: Govindjee; Daniel; the Photosynthesis plaque; Logan; and Rajni. For further information, see the legend of the picture on top right. Photo by Manfredo Seufferheld

Date: August 2018

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