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Fig.1. Left to Right: Rajni Govindjee; Courtney Leisner (2012 Govindjee (G)
Rajni Govindjee (RG) Awardee(wearing Robert Emerson’s glasses that he wore
when he did glass blowing); and Sharon Gray (2012 G&RG Awardee); and
Govindjee (wearing Emerson’s apron). The poster in the photo is the 1965 Z-Scheme
designed by Govindjee and made by Natalie Davis.

Fig.2. Left to right: Govindjee (wearing Robert Emerson’s apron); Robert Mitchell
(2012 Robert Emerson Awardee; holding the “ metal housing” that had the second light source that Emerson used in 1957 in his discovery of the Enhancement Effect that led to the concept of two light reactions and two pigment systems in photosynthesis); and Rajni Govindjee (holding Emerson’s hand spectroscope).

Also shown in the picture is a cartoon of the discoverers of photosynthesis
from the 1969 book “Photosynthesis” by Rabinowitch and Govindjee.

Place: Govindjee's Office in Morrill Hall on the University of Illinois Campus

Date: May 8, 2012

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Photos taken by Joan Huber

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