Photo of the Year 2009

Left to Right: Rajni Govindjee; Govindjee (wearing the Lab apron that was used by Robert Emerson during the discovery of the Emerson Enhancement Effect in Photosynthesis); Maheshi Dassanayake (2009 recipient of the Govindjee and Rajni Govindjee Award for Excellence in Biological Sciences); Josephine Rodriguez (co-recepient of the 2009 Robert Emerson Award, School of Integrative Biology, SIB; she is holding a hand spectroscope of a kind Emerson had used); and Frank Dohleman (corecepient of the 2009 Emerson Award, SIB; he is wearing a red tie of the kind Emerson wore in the Lab)

Place: Near Natural History Building
Date: May 22, 2009
Photo taken by Martha Plummer
Thank You card from Maheshi to the Govindjees

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