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The Structure and Function

Of Plastids


Edited by

Robert R. Wise, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, WI, USA


J. Kenneth Hoober, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA


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The Structure and Function of Plastids is Volume 23 in the Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration Series. This volume provides a comprehensive look at the biology of plastids, the multifunctional biosynthetic factories that are unique to plants and algae. Fifty-nine international experts have contributed 27 chapters that cover all aspects of this large and diverse family of plant and algal organelles. The book is divided into five sections: (I): Plastid Origin and Development; (II): The Plastid Genome and Its Interaction with the Nuclear Genome; (III): Photosynthetic Metabolism in Plastids; (IV): Non-Photosynthetic Metabolism in Plastids; (V): Plastid Differentiation and Response to Environmental Factors. Each chapter includes an integrated view of plant biology from the standpoint of the plastid.The book is intended for a wide audience, but is specifically designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students and scientists in the fields of photosynthesis, biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, and plant biology.

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From the Series Editor



A Dedication to Pioneers of Research on Chloroplast Structure, pp xxiii-xxxi

Brian Gunning, Frederiecke Koenig and Govindjee

Color Plates

Section I Plastid Origin and Development


Section I: Plastid Origin and Development

1 The Diversity of Plastid Form and Function, pp. 3-25

Robert R. Wise

2 Chloroplast Development: Whence and Whither, pp.27-51

J. Kenneth Hoober

3 Protein Import Into Chloroplasts: Who, When, and How? pp. 53-74

Ute C. Vothknecht and Jurgen Soll

4 Origin and Evolution of Plastids: Genomic View on the Unification and Diversity of Plastids, pp.75-102

Naoki Sato

5 The Mechanism of Plastid Division: The Structure and Origin of The Plastid Division Apparatus, pp.103-121

Shin-ya Miyagishima and Tsuneyoshi Kuroiwa


Section II: The Plastid Genome and its Interaction with the Nuclear Genome

6 Expression, Prediction and Function of the Thylakoid Proteome in Higher Plants and Green Algae, pp125-143

Klaas van Wijk

7 The Role of Nucleus- and Chloroplast-Encoded Factors in the Synthesis of the Photosynthetic Apparatus, pp145-165

Jean-David Rochaix

8 Plastid Transcription: Competition, Regulation and Promotion by Plastid- and Nuclear-Encoded Polymerases, pp167-181

A. Bruce Cahoon, Yutaka Komine and David B. Stern

9 Plastid-to-Nucleus Signaling, pp183-197

Asa Strand, Tatjana Kleine and Joanne Chory

10 Trace Metal Utilization in Chloroplasts, pp199-218

Sabeeha Merchant


Section III: Photosynthetic Metabolism in Plastids

11 Light/Dark Regulation of Chloroplast Metabolism, pp221-236

Shaodong Dai, Kenth Johansson, Hans Eklund and Peter Schurmann

12 Chlororespiratory Pathways and Their Physiological Significance, pp237-251

Peter J. Nixon and Peter R. Rich

13 CO2 Concentrating Mechanisms, pp253-271

Sue G. Bartlett, Mautusi Mitra and James V. Moroney

14 Synthesis, Export and Partitioning of the End Products of Photosynthesis, pp273-292

Andreas P.M. Weber


Section IV: Non-Photosynthetic Metabolism in Plastids

15 Chlorophyll Synthesis, pp295-313

Robert D. Willows

16 Carotenoids, pp315-334

Abby J. Cuttriss, Joanna L. Mimica, Barry J. Pogson and Crispin A. Howitt

17 Lipid Synthesis, Metabolism and Transport, pp335-353

Peter Dormann

18 Amino Acid Synthesis in Plastids, pp355-385

Muriel Lancien, Peter J. Lea and Ricardo A. Azevedo

19 Sulfur Metabolism in Plastids, pp387-402

Elizabeth A.H. Pilon-Smits and Marinus Pilon

20 Regulation and Role of Ca++ Fluxes in the Chloroplast, pp403-416

Carl Hirschie Johnson, Richard Shingles, and William F. Ettinger


Section V: Plastid Differentiation and Response to Environmental Factors

21 The Role of Plastids in Ripening Fruits, pp419-432

Florence Bouvier and Bilal Camara

22 Fate and Activities of Plastids During Leaf Senescence, pp433-449

Karin Krupinska

23 The Kleptoplast, pp451-473

Mary E. Rumpho, Farahad P. Dastoor, James R. Manhart and Jungho Lee

24 The Apicoplast, pp475-505

Soledad Funes, Xochitl Perez-Martınez, Adrian Reyes-Prieto, Diego Gonzalez-Halphen

25 The Role of Plastids in Gravitropism, pp507-525

Maria Palmieri and John Z. Kiss

26 Chloroplast Movements in Response to Environmental Signals, pp527-537

Yoshikatsu Sato and Akeo Kadota

27 Oxygen Metabolism and Stress Physiology, pp539-553

Barry A. Logan



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Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
2006, xxxii+7 Color Plates+574 pp
ISBN-10 1-4020-4060-1 (HB), ISBN-13 978-1-4020-4060-3(HB),ISBN-10 1-4020-4061-X (e-book), ISBN-13 978-1-4020-4061-0 (e-book)

Volume 23 in the series: Advances in Photosynthesis, Govindjee, series editor.

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