Publications from 1996

The enolase superfamily: a general strategy for enzyme-catalyzed abstraction of the alpha-protons of carboxylic acids.
Babbitt PC, Hasson MS, Wedekind JE, Palmer DR, Barrett WC, Reed GH, Rayment I, Ringe D, Kenyon GL, Gerlt JA.
Biochemistry. 1996 Dec 24;35(51):16489-501. Pubmed

Mechanism of the reaction catalyzed by mandelate racemase: structure and mechanistic properties of the D270N mutant.
Schafer SL, Barrett WC, Kallarakal AT, Mitra B, Kozarich JW, Gerlt JA, Clifton JG, Petsko GA, Kenyon GL.
Biochemistry. 1996 May 7;35(18):5662-9. Pubmed

3'- and 5'-strand cleavage reactions catalyzed by the Fpg protein from Escherichia coli occur via successive beta- and delta-elimination mechanisms, respectively.
Bhagwat M, Gerlt JA.
Biochemistry. 1996 Jan 16;35(2):659-65. Pubmed

Mechanism of the reaction catalyzed by acetoacetate decarboxylase. Importance of lysine 116 in determining the pKa of active-site lysine 115.
Highbarger LA, Gerlt JA, Kenyon GL.
Biochemistry. 1996 Jan 9;35(1):41-6. Pubmed