Publications from 2010

Deuterium Isotope Effects for Orotidine 5'-Monophosphate Decarboxylase: Effect of Changing Substrate and Enzyme Structure on the Partitioning of the Vinyl Carbanion Reaction Intermediate.
Toth K, Amyes TL, Wood BM, Chan K, Gerlt JA, Richard JP.
J Am Chem Soc. 2010 May 4. [Epub ahead of print] Pubmed

Conformational changes in orotidine 5'-monophosphate decarboxylase: "remote" residues that stabilize the active conformation.
Wood BM, Amyes TL, Fedorov AA, Fedorov EV, Shabila A, Almo SC, Richard JP, Gerlt JA.
Biochemistry. 2010 May 4;49(17):3514-6. Pubmed

Activation of R235A Mutant Orotidine 5'-Monophosphate Decarboxylase by the Guanidinium Cation: Effective Molarity of the Cationic Side Chain of Arg-235.
Barnett S, Amyes TL, Wood BM, Gerlt JA, Richard JP.
Biochemistry. 2010 Jan 5. [Epub ahead of print] Pubmed