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Graduate Students

Name Advisor Email Research Interest
Achury Morales, Rafael Suarez achurym2@illinois.edu Ant ecology and invasive species
Anderson, Nick Harmon-Threatt nlndrsn2@illinois.edu Native bee ecology
Austin, Chip Dietrich crausti2@illinois.edu Comparative internal morphology and systematics
Baena, Nathalie Heads baena2@illinois.edu Systematics of tridactyloidea
Bush, Daniel Berenbaum dsbush2@illinois.edu Navel orangeworm and Aspergillus relationships
Clem, C. Scott Harmon-Threatt carlc2@illinois.edu Tracing native pollinator communities through time using museum specimens and historical data
Dana, Catherine Heads cdana2@illinois.edu Cicada conservation and natural history
Dean, Charles-Antoine Berenbaum cedean2@illinois.edu Color pattern diversification in Bombus
Decker, Brenna Harmon-Threatt bldecke2@illinois.edu Bee community and trait diversity through time
Demkovich, Mark Berenbaum mdemkov3@illinois.edu Navel orangeworm detoxification systems
de Moya, Robert Johnson rdemoya2@illinois.edu Coevolution patterns between parasitic bird lice and their hosts
Dixon, Jacob Berenbaum jidixon2@illinois.edu Ecological biochemistry of plant and insect interactions
Gibson, Josh Suarez jcgibso2@illinois.edu Evolution of trap-jaw ants
Giers, Sarah Berlocher & Robertson sgiers2@illinois.edu Rhagoletis odor receptors
Hsieh, Edward Berenbaum emhsieh2@illinois.edu The properties of phytochemicals in honeybee honey and general honeybee behavior
Johnson, Todd Hanks tdjohns2@illinois.edu Chemical ecology and behavior of natural enemies of the Cerambycidae
Josek, Tanya Alleyne josek1@illinois.edu Tick sensory and bioinspiration
Juma, Elijah Muturi juma2@illinois.edu Ecology and behaviour of malaria and arboviral mosquitoes
Katz, Aron Taylor aronkatz@illinois.edu Collembola systematics, conservation ecology
Kim, Dohyup Hansen dkim291@illinois.edu Genome analysis; gut biome; host-bacteria symbiosis
Meier, Linnea Hanks lrmeier2@illinois.edu Chemical ecology of longhorned beetles
Millan Hernandez, Christian Dietrich millanh2@illinois.edu Phylogenetic patterns of host specialization between parasitoid wasps and Auchenorrhyncha
Montag, William Berenbaum montag2@illinois.edu Conservation of soil and litter dwelling insects, especially beetles
Morris, Brendan Dietrich bomorri2@illinois.edu Systematics and biogeography of Caribbean centrotine treehoppers
Newman, Evan DeWalt evanan2@illinois.edu Distribution patterns of Plecoptera (Stoneflies) of the Midwest
Njoroge, Teresia Berenbaum & Schuler tnjorog2@illinois.edu Role of insects P450s in insecticides resistance
Parker, Allison Allan aparker9@illinois.edu Mosquito-borne disease ecology
Parks, Kyle J. Whitfield kparks4@illinois.edu Systematics of microgastrine wasps
Pearlstein, Daniel Berenbaum djp@illinois.edu Chemical ecology of eusocial insects, especially honeybees
Reiter, Kristen Alleyne reiter5@illinois.edu Functions of micro- and nanoscale structures of insects and the application of these functions
Safford, Matthew Taylor safford3@illinois.edu Bat-insect interactions and habitat use of sinkhole pond ecosystems
Skinner, Rachel Dietrich rskinn2@illinois.edu Taxonomy, phylogenetics, and biogeography of treehoppers in Membracidae
South, Eric DeWalt ejsouth@illinois.edu Stonefly taxonomy and systematics
Swanson, Daniel Heads & Taylor drswans2@illinois.edu Heteroptera systematics, especially the Reduviidae
Tetlie, Jonathan Harmon-Threatt jtetlie2@illinois.edu The lingering impact of agricultural practices on habitat restoration efforts of prairies and their effect on native bee communities
Thairu, Margaret Hansen thairu2@illinois.edu Effects of behavior and biology of one species on another
Updyke, Erin (Allman) Allan eallma2@illinois.edu Ecology and epidemiology of vector-borne disease
Wong, Michael Berenbaum mjwong2@illinois.edu Honey bee behavior