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Colloquium: Spring 2014

All colloquia are scheduled for Monday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. in the Charles G. Miller Auditorium, Room B102 CLSL. See you there!

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27 January
Sam Beshers
The Theory of Division of Labor in Social Insects
University of Illinois
3 February
Timothy Linksvayer
The Extended Genotype of Social Insect Caste
University of Pennsylvania
10 February
Nicholas Barber
Ecological Interactions Between Above and Below Ground Organisms Through Shared Host Plants
Northern Illinois University
17 February
Zakee Sabree
Insect-Microbe Symbioses and the Consequences of Intimacy
Ohio State University
24 February
Juma Muturi
Environmental Regulation of Mosquito-Borne Arboviruses: Larval Environment Makes the Adult Vector
Illinois Natural History Survey
University of Illinois
3 March
Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather
10 March
Sean Schoville
Evolutionary Responses to Climate Variation, with a Focus on Alpine Insects
University of Wisconsin, Madison
17 March
Charles Mbogo
The Changing Epidemiology of Vector Borne Diseases in Africa - The Case for Malaria
Center for Geographic Medicine, KEMRI/Welcome Trust, Kilifi, Kenya
24 March
Spring Break
31 March
Dan Herms
The Emerald Ash Borer Invasion of North America: Ecological Impacts and the Quest for Resistance
Ohio State University
7 April
Steve Reppeart
Navigational Mechanisms of Migrating Monarch Butterflies
University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worchester
14 April
Tania Jogesh
Exit seminar: Consequences of Global Redistribution on the Ecology and Evolution of the Invasive weed Pastinaca sativa
University of Illinois
21 April
Ben Sadd
Environment Induced Change to Immunity and Infection in Bumblebees
Illinois State University
28 April
Steven Frank
Can Forests Take the Heat? Managing Pests and Ecosystem Services in a Warming Climate
North Carolina State University
5 May
Paul Marek
Phylogenetic Systematics and the Evolution of Bioluminescence in Cyanide-Producing Millipedes
Virginia Tech