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Colloquium: Spring 2015

All colloquia are scheduled for Monday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. in the Charles G. Miller Auditorium, Room B102 CLSL. See you there!

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January 26
My life on the bee-list, or, what the coevolutionary arms race between caterpillars and plants has to do with honey bees
UIUC, Entomology
February 2
Eva Buckner
Interactions between dengue virus, mosquito vectors, and environmental factors
UIUC Postdoc, Juma Muturi's lab
February 9
Trophic interactions of aphids, as mediated by bacterial endosymbionts
University of Kentucky, Lexington
February 16
Direct and indirect impacts of the emerald ash borer
University of Illinois, Chicago
February 23
Integrated crop pollination to support production of specialty crops
Michigan State University
March 2
Experimental natural history and the case of the missing ants
California State, Dominguez Hills
March 9
Pollinator movement and population genetics across human-altered landscapes
University of Texas, Austin
March 16
University of Kentucky, Lexington
March 23
Spring Break - No Seminar
March 30
The evolutionary genetics of interactions: run-away cooperation and self-limiting conflict
University of Indiana, Bloomington
April 6
Grad Student Exit Seminar
April 13
Costs and limits in the evolution of learning and plasticity: insights from butterflies
 University of Minnesota
April 20
Honey bee health: from genes to landscapes
Penn State University 
April 27
Grad Student Exit Seminar
May 4
University of Rochester