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Colloquium: Spring 2016

All colloquia are scheduled for Monday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. in the Charles G. Miller Auditorium, Room B102 CLSL. See you there!

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January 25
Old ideas and new tools for studying regional aquatic insect faunas: discovery, conservation and biogeography
Illinois Natural History Survey, UIUC
February 1
From dimensionality to disease: Lessons from the RNA world
Brown University
February 8
Vector-borne pathogen dynamics and the role of genetic, microbial, and community diversity
San Francisco State University
February 15
Science communication and short attention spans
Purdue University
February 22
Molecular determinants of prey choice in spider-wasps (Pompilidae)
Western New Mexico University
February 29
Quantifying the value of urban vacant land for conservation and ecosystem services
Ohio State University
March 7
The social clock of the bee
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
March 14
Genome evolution in viral symbionts of parasitoid wasps
University of Georgia-Athens
March 21
March 28
April 4
Conservation, innovation, and the origins of novelty and diversity: case studies on  horned beetles
Indiana University
2nd seminar:
Tuesday, April 5
at noon
How to design, fund, and implement meaningful K12 Science and Minority Outreach while trying to survive at an R1 institution
Indiana University
April 11
The establishment of a new pest: Phenology, crop susceptibility, and impact of landscape on spotted wing drosophila
 University of Wisconsin-Madison
April 18
Collective cognition by insect societies
Arizona State University
April 25
Allie Gardner
Grad Student Exit Seminar: Direct and indirect effects of native and invasive plants on mosquito ecology
May 2
Investigating patterns of DNA methylation in hymenopteran genomes
University of Georgia-Athens