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Colloquium: Spring 2016

All colloquia are scheduled for Monday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. in the Charles G. Miller Auditorium, Room B102 CLSL. See you there!

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January 25
Old ideas and new tools for studying regional aquatic insect faunas: discovery, conservation and biogeography
Illinois Natural History Survey, UIUC
February 1
From dimensionality to disease: Lessons from the RNA world
Brown University
February 8
Vector-borne pathogen dynamics and the role of genetic, microbial, and community diversity
San Francisco State University
February 15
Science communication and short attention spans
Purdue University
February 22
A gene of all trades: The evolution of disparate, novel functions in voltage-gated sodium channels
Western New Mexico University
February 29
Quantifying the value of urban vacant land for conservation and ecosystem services
Ohio State University
March 7
The social clock of the bee
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
March 14
Genome evolution in viral symbionts of parasitoid wasps
University of Georgia-Athens
March 21
March 28
April 4
Conservation, innovation, and the origins of novelty and diversity: case studies on  horned beetles
Indiana University
2nd seminar:
Tuesday, April 5
at noon
How to design, fund, and implement meaningful K12 Science and Minority Outreach while trying to survive at an R1 institution
Indiana University
April 11
 University of Wisconsin-Madison
April 18
Collective cognition by insect societies
Arizona State University
April 25
Allie Gardner
Grad Student Exit Seminar: Direct and indirect effects of native and invasive plants on mosquito ecology
May 2
Investigating patterns of DNA methylation in hymenopteran genomes
University of Georgia-Athens