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Colloquium: Fall 2016

All colloquia are scheduled for Monday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. in the Charles G. Miller Auditorium, Room B102 CLSL. See you there!

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August 22
No Seminar
First Day of Classes
August 29
Entomology Graduate Program
Head, Entomology, UIUC
September 5
Labor Day
September 12
Phylogenomics in the age of genomes: New approaches to insect phylogeny
Illinois Natural History Survey, UIUC
September 19
ESA Practice Talks
September 26
No Seminar
ICE - ESA Annual Meeting
Orlando, Florida
October 3
No Seminar
October 10
The biogeochemical theater and the ecological play
University of Oklahoma
October 17
Application of DNA barcoding to the identification of sawflies and other insects
USDA Forest Service, Stoneville, MS
October 24
Collective cognition by insect societies
Arizona State University
October 31
Bernarda Calla
Developing of foundational and applied tools for the control of Tephritids in Hawaii
Postdoc, Entomology, UIUC
November 7
Microbial community ecology of ticks
Indiana University
November 14
Vampire moths, toxic tigers, and creepy caterpillars: Chemoecology and phylogenomics within the Erebidae (Insecta: Lepidoptera)
 Purdue University
November 21
November 28
Constraints and drivers of bark beetle outbreaks: Implications to natural resource management in a changing environment
University of Wisconsin
December 5
Bugs in the City: Controlling
Vector-borne Chagas disease in Arequipa, Peru
University of Pennsylvania