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Steps for Prelim Exam

Doctoral Students:

Before your Prelim

  1. Schedule your Prelim. Students should complete the Preliminary Examination within a year of completing
    the core courses. (The preliminary examination consists of two parts: preparation of a research proposal in the format of a National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant (or other equivalent grant at NSF or any other agency if the research is in an area not typically funded by NSF) and an oral exam that covers both the research proposal and the core areas. The preliminary examination committee consists of five faculty members and/or affiliates of the department selected by the department head and representing the core areas of entomology. Please see Entomology’s Graduate Handbook for further details.) Work with your Advisor to schedule your Preliminary Examination.
  2. Reserve a room for your Prelim after the date and time have been approved by your committee, and inform the Entomology secretary of the date, time, and place. The Entomology secretary must get approval from the Grad College for your committee. This must be done before your Prelim, preferably at least 2 weeks before. If you need help in reserving a room, contact the Entomology secretary.
  3. Two weeks before your Prelim, send your research proposal to your Doctoral Committee.The research proposal is subject to content and formatting requirements of the NSF DDIG, including a strict limit of eight pages (if, however, the proposal is targeted for a program other than NSF DDIG, the proposal should conform to the requirements of that specific program). The writing must be done by the student, with input from the student’s advisor or advisory committee limited to basic grammatical, typographical, or similar editorial corrections.

After your Prelim

If a student fails the Preliminary Examination, another exam, administered by the same committee, should be given within the next three to six months. A second failure will preclude the student from gaining a Ph.D. in the Department of Entomology.