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Useful Forms/Links

No. Forms Description
1 Employee Travel Reimbursement Form

- reimbursment for travel expenses

2 Miscellaneous Reimbursement Form

- reimbursment for supplies purchased and meals

3 Hourly timesheets / Payroll schedule - timesheets and bi-weekly payroll periods for hourly workers
4 Carpool Request Form - request for a carpool reservation
5 Graduate Student Request Form (Petition) - request for an exception to Graduate College Policies or Graduate College Academic deadlines, including time extension, overload, and withdrawal/cancellation from University (go to Graduate Student Petition Process for more information)
6 Late Registration & Late Course Change Form - use after the last day that a student is allowed to drop/add a semester course using UI Integrate Self-Service
7 Alumnus Information Form - request to update alumnus information
No. Links Description
1 Steps for Prelim Exam

- steps to take before and after your Prelim Exam

2 Steps for Master's Defense

- steps to take before and after defending your Master's thesis

3 Steps for Final Exam - steps to take before and after defending your Doctoral dissertation
4 Dissertation/Thesis Release Options - release options available to graduate students as you publish your dissertation/thesis in the University´┐Żs repository, IDEALS