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UIUC Entomologists in the News...

May Berenbaum

  • Bottom Line Health, 1/99: "Did you know that...dark honey is more healthful than light honey?"
  • Wenatchee World Accent, 11/19/98: "Movie star bugs... Stretching the truth"
  • Newark Star-Ledger, 8/26/98: "Listen to the music of a summer night"
  • Science, 7/17/98: "Building a better bug repellent"
  • The Guardian, 7/9/98: "Science and technology: Honey I shrunk the radicals"
  • Apicultural Info and Issues, 10/97: "Marketing honey as a value-added product"
  • International Herald Tribune, 4/24/97: "You and your ID: Searching for roots of the self"
  • New York Times, July 22, 1997: "Six legs good" science profile
  • New York Times, July 28, 1998: "A taste for flowers helped beetles conquer the world"

Fred Delcomyn

  • Wisconsin Public Radio, 2/15/98: "To the best of our knowledge"
  • Scientific American, 1/98: "A Japanese robotic project"

Larry Hanks

  • Chicago Tonight, WTTW-TV (PBS-Chicago), 7/20/98: Discussion of the infestation of Asian long-horn beetles in city trees
  • Chicago Sun Times, 7/20/98: "Attack of the foreign critters"
  • WBEZ radio (NPR) 7/21/98: "Asian longhorned beetle story
  • Chicago Tribune, 8/9/98: "Science seeks weaknesses in beetles’ armor"
  • Aaaron Freeman show, WPWR-UPN-50 (Chicago), 8/10/98: Asian longhorned beetle situation in Chicago
  • Chicago Sun Times, 8/14/98: "Making mating ______ deadly"

Robert Metcalf

  • New York Times Science, 10/20/98: "With change in habit, beetles shake up corn country"

Hugh Robertson

  • The Scientist, 10/13/97: "Scientists refining methods for genetically altering insects"

Gene Robinson

  • Apicultural Info and Issues, 10/97: "The changing face of the beekeeping short course"
  • The Times, 9/15/97: "Hiving off the dead bodies"

Gil Waldbauer

  • U of Ideas in Science, 8/98: "Bug experts’ latest books feature simple language, vivid photos"
  • Los Angeles Times, 9/3/98: "Science File: An exploration of issues and trends affecting science, medicine and the environment"

James Appleby

  • Chicago Tribune, 7/26/98: "Collectors targeted in bug battle"

Eli Levine, Joseph Spencer, Robert Novak, & Kevin Steffey

  • New York Times Science, 10/20/98: "With change in habit, beetles shake up corn country"

Robert Novak

  • ABC News "20-20", 7/24/98: segment filmed on UIUC campus involving over-the-counter insect repellents and their effectiveness

Rob Wiedenmann & Dave Voegtlin

  • Associated Press, 9/1/98: "Scientists use beetles to battle weeds in wetland areas"

Rob Wiedenmann & Joseph Maddox

  • Associated Press, 4/18/97: "Farm scene: Professors putting insect info on CD-ROM"


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