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Our department publishes a (mostly) biennial newsletter that includes information on professors, students, postdocs, and alumni, as well as notable events and occurrences around the department. The most recent newsletters are listed below and are free for download. More recent newsletters may be larger files (>5MB) and require a long load time. Older newsletters are archived on a separate page and may be reached by the link below.

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11/19/2015: Congratulations to Allison Gardner and Tanya Josek who were winners at the 2015 Illinois Mosquito & Vector Control Association Meeting, which took place here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign! Allison Gardner won first place in the Henry Lawicki Student/Intern Competition, and Tanya Josek won runner-up.
11/18/2015: Congratulations to May Berenbaum who officially took the office of president of the ESA Governing Board while attending ESA's 63rd Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN!
11/18/2015: Congratulations to Allison Gardner, Tanya Josek, and Rafael Achury Morales who were winners at ESA's 63rd Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN! Allison Gardner won the second place President's Prize for the Ten-Minute Paper Competition, Tanya Josek won the second place President's Prize for the Three-Minute Presentation Competition, and Rafael Achury Morales won the second place President's Prize for the Poster Competition.
News Image 11/2015: Recent graduate student Fredrick Larabee from the Suarez lab published a paper on the ability of trap jaw ants to launch themselves out of sand pits dug by predators (PLOS ONE). This paper saw a great amount of press, including by articles in National Geographic and Wired UK. Adrian Smith (previously a post-doc in the Suarez lab) also made an award winning video on the paper which can be seen here.
4/27/2015: Professor Brian Allan has been named an Early Career Fellow of the Ecological Society of America.
4/16/2015: Congratulations to graduate student Mark Demkovich who has been awarded the 2015 William H. Luckmann Award for Research in Applied Biology!
4/6/2015: Graduate student John Maddux has been awarded a teaching fellowship with the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF).
News Image 2/28/2015: We want to thank all of our volunteers for the 32nd Annual Insect Fear Film Festival! We hope you were able to join us! The theme was Female Entomologist Fear Films. The festival showcased: Growing Up Creepie (2006-) and Mansquito (2005), and featured the insect petting zoo and our annual insect art contest. For more information, please check out the official IFFF website and Facebook page.
1/26/2015: Click here to watch May Berenbaum's colloquium talk "My life on the bee-list, or, what the coevolutionary arms race between caterpillars and plants has to do with honey bees".