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Our department publishes a (mostly) biennial newsletter that includes information on professors, students, postdocs, and alumni, as well as notable events and occurrences around the department. The most recent newsletters are listed below and are free for download. More recent newsletters may be larger files (>5MB) and require a long load time. Older newsletters are archived on a separate page and may be reached by the link below.

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9/25/2013: Congratulations to Dr. Brian Allan, who has been awarded a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation! His research will center around how human land management, including livestock production and wildlife conservation for ecotourism, can affect tick-borne diseases and human health. For more information on ongoing research in the Allan lab please click here.
7/12/2013: Hongmei Li-Byarlay, Professor Gene Robinson, and collaborators report that a decrease in DNA methylation affects gene alternative splicing in the honey bee (PNAS).
News Image 6/2013: Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate National Pollinator Week on June 17th through the 23rd. Our 6th annual celebration events included: a guided nature walk of the prairie at Meadowbrook, pollinator food guides at the Common Ground Food Co-op, an insect photography workshop by Alex Wild, a workshop on nurturing native bees, and children's activities! For more information, please visit the website.
5/15/2013: Graduate student Catherine Dana was awarded a student research grant from the Animal Behavior Society.
5/1/2013: Wenfu Mao, Mary Schuler, and May Berenbaum report that specific components found in honey upregulate detoxification enzymes in the honey bee (PNAS).
4/24/2013: Graduate students Christina Silliman and Catherine Dana were selected as winners of the Entomology Educational Project Award for their lessons developed for EnLiST.
4/16/2013: Graduate student Fredrick Larabee was awarded a Smithsonian Institution Predoctoral Fellowship.
3/30/2013: Congratulations to graduate students Allen Lawrance, John Maddux, and Selina Ruzi (PEEC) on receiving Honorable Mentions from the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program!
2/24/2013: Congratulations to graduate student Sarah Hughson for winning the 2013 William H. Luckmann Award in Applied Entomology!
News Image 2/23/2013: The 30th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival took place on February 23, 2013. The theme for this year was The InsX-Files: The Truth (About Insects) Is Out There, with special guest Chris Carter, creator of the X-Files. The festival featured the episode The X-Files: "The War of the Coprophages," about a wave of deaths linked to what may be alien robotic cockroaches, followed by the 1998 feature The X-Files: Fight the Future, about killer bees that transmit a deadly alien virus by stinging. The event featured a variety of exhibits and activities, including exotic insect displays from around the world, the insect petting zoo, face painting and entries from the annual insect art contest. For more information, please check out the official IFFF website and Facebook page.
2/1/2013: Professor Gene Robinson has been recognized as this year's Distinguished Animal Behaviorist by the Animal Behavior Society.