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Our department publishes a (mostly) biennial newsletter that includes information on professors, students, postdocs, and alumni, as well as notable events and occurrences around the department. The most recent newsletters are listed below and are free for download. More recent newsletters may be larger files (>5MB) and require a long load time. Older newsletters are archived on a separate page and may be reached by the link below.

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12/18/2007:The Suarez lab contributes to a PNAS study explaining the invasion success of Argentine ants.
News Image 11/2007: The University of Illinois has launched the BeeSpotter web portal, designed to aid the public in identifying and reporting populations of honey bees and bumble bees. The site, a work in progress, allows users to submit bee pictures and the locations where they were taken. The pictures are identified by staff in the Department of Entomology, and the location data is incorporated into a map to create a statewide record of bee populations. The site will also feature guides to bees, and information on several other bee-related topics such as natural history, sting treatment, and bee gardens.
10/03/2007: Professor Gene Robinson is named to a Swanlund Chair, the University's highest endowed title.
10/2007: We are proud to announce that Ph.D. Alum, Dr. Rachel Galun (1955), received the 2007 LAS Alumni Achievement Award. This award is given to alumni who have demonstrated the values derived from a liberal arts and science education, through outstanding achievement. For more information about Dr. Galun and her work, please read her CV and letter of nomination (MS Word format).
9/28/2007: The Robinson lab leads a new study in Science, publishing genetic evidence for the evolution of eusociality through maternal behavior. Lead author Amy Toth also discusses the work in a recent News-Gazette article (11/1).
8/31/2007: The Robertson lab uncovers the odorant receptors that allow male bees to seek queens.
6/26/2007: Entomology department head May Berenbaum testifies before the 110th Congress on the importance of pollinators in ecosystems. This follows Dr. Berenbaum's previous testimony on colony collapse disorder (3/29).
3/2/2007: Losing Their Buzz - Dr. Berenbaum discusses honey bee decline in a New York Times op-ed piece (NYT account required).
3/1/2007: The Cameron lab publishes a new evolutionary history of vespid wasps.
News Image 3/2007: Academic Analytics has rated the UIUC Department of Entomology #1 in the nation by a wide margin in their 2005-06 Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index. This index, as reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, measured departments in several factors: faculty publications, other works citing these publications, grants awarded, and many others. For more information, please see a description of the survey's methods here.