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News Image Insect Fear Film Festival

The 34th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival took place on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 in Foellinger Hall. The theme this year was "Paul Hertzberg: Class of 1971!" The movies shown that evening were Caved In (2006) and 2 Lava 2 Lantula (2015). As always, a big thank you to all of our volunteers and art contest entrants! You can read about the festival on Smile Politely or listen to Environmental Almanac. More information on previous years and the art contest is found on the Entomology Graduate Student website or on Facebook.

News Image Trap-Jaw Ants in  the Media

Recent graduate student Fredrick Larabee from the Suarez lab published a paper on the ability of trap jaw ants to launch themselves out of sand pits dug by predators (PLOS ONE). This paper saw a great amount of press, including by articles in National Geographic and Wired UK. Adrian Smith (previously a post-doc in the Suarez lab) also made an award winning video on the paper which can be seen here.

News Image Department Head Elected ESA President

Congratulations to May Berenbaum, professor and head of the Department of Entomology, who officially took the office of president of the ESA Governing Board while attending ESA's 63rd Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN! She will also be president for the International Congress of Entomology in Orlando, Florida this coming September (2016). Congratulations, Dr. Berenbaum! For more information, read the full press release here.

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In other news

8/4/2016: Professor Allison Hansen and graduate students Dohyup Kim and Margaret Thairu have published a review on epigenetics and small RNAs in insect-microbe interactions. (Frontiers in Plant Science)
11/18/2015: Congratulations to undergraduate Shuyang Jin and graduate students Tanya Josek, Rafael Achury, and Allie Gardner for winning student awards at the Entomological Society of America meeting.
10/14/2015: Andrew Suarez, Marianne Alleyne, and graduate student Tanya Josek were featured in an article on the I-STEM website for an outreach event on bioinspiration.
4/27/2015: Professor Brian Allan has been named an Early Career Fellow of the Ecological Society of America.
4/16/2015: Congratulations to graduate student Mark Demkovich who has been awarded the 2015 William H. Luckmann Award for Research in Applied Biology!

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