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Alexandra N. Harmon-Threatt

Assistant Professor

PhD, 2011, University of California, Berkeley

Phone: 217-333-3108
Email: aht@illinois.edu

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Alexandra Harmon-Threatt

Harmon-Threatt is a pollination ecologist with broad interests in understanding the patterns and processes that govern plant-pollinator interactions for conservation. Pollinators play a vital role in plant reproduction, food production and ecosystem stability but are believed to be declining globally. Her work focuses on identifying and understanding patterns in natural environments to help conserve and restore pollinator diversity. With a particular focus on bees, she investigates how a number of factors at both the local and landscape scale, including plant diversity, isolation and bee characteristics, effect bee diversity in local communities.

Representative and Recent Publications

Harmon-Threatt, A.N., J.H. Burns, L.A. Shemyakina, and T.M. Knight 2009. Breeding system and pollination ecology of introduced plants compared to their native relatives. American Journal of Botany 96, 1544-1550. [LINK]

Burns, J.H., T-L. Ashman, J.A. Steets, A.N. Harmon-Threatt, and T.M. Knight 2011. A phylogenetically controlled analysis of the roles of reproductive traits in plant invasions. Oecologia 166, 1009-1017. [LINK]

Harmon-Threatt, AN and D.D. Ackerly 2013. Filtering across scales: phylogeny, biogeography and community structure in bumble bees. PLoS ONE 8(3): e60446. [LINK].

DeValpine, P., and A.N. Harmon-Threatt. General models for resource use or other compositional count data using the Dirichlet-multinomial distribution. Ecology (in press).