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Insect Questions?

Bed Bugs
For questions regarding bed bugs, please consider reviewing information at: http://pesthelpers.com/types/bed-bugs

Did you find an unusual looking insect in your yard or house? Maybe we can help you identify it. You can email one of our outreach entomologists, Josh Gibson (jcgibso2@illinois.edu) or Tanya Josek (josek1@illinois.edu) with your questions, and we'll try to get you some answers.

Information to include in your email:

  • where did you find it and when

  • what does it look like (be as detailed as possible or attach a photograph)

  • how big is it?

  • where do you live?
Please note that we answer emails on a volunteer basis and receive many emails during the summer months. If you need a quick response, we recommend contacting your local extension office.

We get a lot of questions about this giant ichneumonid wasp (Megarhyssa sp.) This female will use her long
ovipositor to drill into wood and lay eggs on her host: siricid wood wasp larvae (Tremex spp.) She is incapable
of stinging you with that long ovipositor.