Schedule of Events
December 11, 2009

I-Hotel and Conference Center
1900 S. First Street
Champaign, Illinois

SESSION 1      Lee Solter, INHS, Moderator

Stephen A. Forbes: The Humanizing of Ecology (Applied Ecology)
8:00-8:05:    Andrew Suarez, UIUC, Forbes Background/Speaker Intro
8:05-8:30:    Louis Jackai, North Carolina A&T State University

Gottfried Fraenkel: The Raison d'Etre of Plant Secondary Substances
8:30-8:35:    Arthur Zangerl, UIUC, Fraenkel Background/Speaker Intro
8:35-9:10:    Arthur Weis, University of Toronto

Gilbert Waldbauer: The Hungry Caterpillar
9:10-9:15:    Larry Hanks, UIUC, Waldbauer Background/Speaker Intro
9:15-9:50:    Chris Maier, Conn. Ag. Expt. Station

BREAK: 9:50-10:30

SESSION 2      Gene Robinson, LAS, UIUC, Moderator

Stanley Friedman: La Fixite du Milieu Interieur
10:30-10:35:    M Alleyne, UIUC, Friedman Background/Speaker Intro
10:35-11:00:    Diana Cox-Foster, Penn State University

Judith Willis: The Status of the Status Quo Hormone
11:00-11:05:    James Nardi, UIUC, Willis Background/Speaker Intro
11:05-11:30:    David Denlinger, Ohio State University

Vern Milum: The Individual and the Colony
11:30-11:35:    C. Whitfield, UIUC, Milum Background/Speaker Intro
11:35-12:00:    W. S. Sheppard, Washington State University

LUNCH: 12:00-12:30

PUBLIC LECTURE      Sam Beshers, LAS, UIUC, Moderator

Clell Metcalf: "If high schools wish to have such talks..." Public Engagement
The Tangled History of Darwin, Lincoln, and Illinois Entomology
12:30-1:30:    Gene Kritsky, College of Mount St. Joseph

Centennial Award: David Stone, University Laboratory High School

SESSION 3      Michael Gray, ACES, UIUC, Moderator

Robert Metcalf: Illinois Farm Pond in a Box
1:30-1:35:    Bettina Francis, Metcalf Background/Speaker Intro
1:35-2:00:    Susan Fisher, Ohio State University

James Sternburg: Toxicity and Resistance
2:00-2:05:    Barry Pittendrigh, UIUC, Sternburg Background/Speaker Intro
2:05-2:40:    Bruce Stanley, DuPont

DATA BLITZ      EGSA, Moderator

2:40-3:00:    Faculty, Student, Alumni (1 min, 1 image, 1 question)

BREAK: 3:00-3:30

SESSION 4      Stewart Berlocher, LAS, UIUC, Moderator

William Horsfall: Thinking Like a Mosquito
3:30-3:35:    Hugh Robertson, UIUC, Horsfall Background/Speaker Intro
3:35-4:00:    Eddie Cupp, Auburn University

Alexander MacGillivray and the Classification of Insects
4:00-4:05:    Sydney Cameron, UIUC, MacGillivray Background/Speaker Intro
4:05-4:30:    Bruce McPheron, Penn State University

Peter Price and Sawflies (gallers, herbivores and parasites)
4:30-4:35:    Jim Whitfield, UIUC, Price Background/Speaker Intro
4:35-5:00:    Nathan Schiff, USDA Forest Service

ENTCENT BANQUET (Registration required)
Dinner begins at 6:30 PM in the Forbes Building.

7:00 PM:  A termite walked into a bar: a century of entomological humor.
May Berenbaum, UIUC