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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the EGSA email list?
  • Click the link to receive emails regarding EGSA events!
  • What do I do if I have a problem?
    • It depends on the nature of the problem, though if youíre not sure start by talking to your advisor. If the issue is administrative, see the department secretary. If the problem is related to graduate affairs, see one of the GSAC co-chairs. When all else fails, discuss it with Dr. May Berenbaum.
  • How do we get paid?
    • Most students are hired each year as a TA or an RA. These are typically half-time (i.e., 20 hours/week), 9-month appointments and do not provide a stipend over the summer. Students with fellowships may be on different pay schedules and may be paid different amounts. Students with TAs or RAs get one paycheck a month on the 16th. If the 16th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, students will be paid on the Friday before the 16th.  
  • Does the department guarantee funding for graduate students?
    • Generally students are admitted with a commitment from the Department to provide support in some form for the target duration of the graduate program (two years for a masterís and five years for a PhD, with the possibility of additional support thereafter). All funding is contingent upon the student making satisfactory progress through their program. Progress of all students is evaluated by the entire faculty every January, with updated information gathered in March as specified by the Graduate College. In August, every student receives a letter from the Department Head with an evaluation of his or her progress.
Download the full FAQ as a doc file.


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