Evaluating web sites

  1. Feline Reactions to Bearded Men

  2. Altavista

  3. www.whitehouse.gov

  4. www.whitehouse.net

  5. www.whitehouse.org

  6. Whois Domain Lookup

Kid Safe Search Sites

  1. Yahooligans

  2. Kids Click

Prairie Flowers Logo

Prairie Flowers Newbies - Summer, 2002

Links on computer security

  1. CITES Guide to Computer Security - Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services at the University of Illinois provides an overview of campus security issues for the UI community: www.cites.uiuc.edu/security/index.html

  2. McAfee, a division of Network Associates and the maker of VirusScan and Virex.
    1. VirusScan (Windows): www.mcafeeb2b.com/products/virusscan/default-desktop-protection.asp
    2. Virex (Macintosh): www.mcafeeb2b.com/products/virex/default.asp
  3. Microsoft Windows Update:windowsupdate.microsoft.com/

  4. Apple Macintosh Support: www.apple.com/support/

  5. An overview of computer viruses from How Stuff Works: www.howstuffworks.com/virus.htm

  6. Vmyths: http://www.vmyths.com

  7. McAffee's Hoax page http://vil.mcafee.com/hoax.asp

Fighting Spam

  1. Spamcop - a reporting system and filtering offers - http://spamcop.net/
  2. How to complain to a spammerŐs provider http://spam.abuse.net/userhelp/howtocomplain.shtml
  3. American Registry for Internet Numbers http://www.arin.net/
  4. InterNIC Whois database provides information on who owns a domain name http://www.internic.net/whois.html

Search Tools

  1. www.google.com
  2. images.google.com
  3. Ynews.yahoo.com

General Information about searching

  1. About.com's Web Search Site

  2. Search Engine Watch

  3. Yahoo's list of search engines

Good Reference Sites

  1. How Stuff Works

  2. Amazon

  3. FirstGov

  4. New York Times Navigator

  5. The Internet Public Libary
  6. Teacher Resources

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