Endnote 6.0 Keyboard Commands

CTRL+N creates a new reference

CTRL+CLICK to select more than one reference

SHIFT+CLICK to select a range of references

CTRL+E opens selected reference(s)

CTRL+W closes the active window

CTRL+SHIFT+W closes all windows of the same type as the active window

TAB selects the next field

SHIFT+TAB selects the previous field

When text is selected:

  • CTRL+T sets the text style to Plain
  • CTRL+L selects the Plain font
  • CTRL+B turns bold on and off
  • CTRL+I turns italic on and off
  • CTRL+U turns underline on and off
  • CTRL++ (Numeric keypad) turns superscript on and off
  • CTRL+- (Numeric keypad) turns subscript on and off

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