Exercise 9 - Transparent gifs

The GIF format comes built-in with a special feature which allows you to specify one of the 256 colors to be transparent - and not display. By allowing the background color to show through, this creates the illusion that the picture is irregularly shaped. We'll use "Transparency", a shareware program to create them.

Step 1. Use drag and drop. In your HTML class folder, open the gifs folder and drag the file "picture.gif" onto the Transparency application.
Step 2. When the picture opens, click and hold on the background until a pop-up color chart appears. Select the white square in the upper left corner and release the mouse button.
Step 3. See you as soon as you release the mouse button, the background becomes grey. Whatever you see as grey at this point will be the "transparent" color.
Step 4. Go to FILE>SAVE AS.... and save as Gif89a. It's ok to overwrite the old picture at this point. Be sure to save it in the gifs folder!
Step 5. Now place it in your web document and see how it looks.

<IMG SRC="gifs/picture.gif">


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