Adding a movie

Step 1. To create a link to a movie which will open in a separate window, use a simple anchor tag:


<A HREF="">Elk Movie</A>


  Elk Movie




Step 2. To embed the video "in-line":

<EMBED SRC="" AUTOPLAY="false" CONTROLLER="true" WIDTH="160">Jellyfish Movie</EMBED>.



Embed Attributes:

SRC=url (The url of the video)
WIDTH=number (width in pixels)
HEIGHT=number (height in pixels)
AUTOPLAY=true|false (whether or not the movie plays automatically)
CONTROLLER=true|false (whether or not the control bar shows)
LOOP=true|false (whether or not it loops continuously or plays once
PLUGINSPAGE=url (provides a link to the the source for the plugin if the browser doesn't have it

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