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More complicated lists

The Definition, or Glossary List

The definition or glossary list uses <DL> (Definition List), <DT> (term) and <DD> (definition) tags and allows you to create paired entries, where the first item is the term which will align with not be bulleted and will align on left hand margin and the second, or definition, which will be indented under the term.

Go back to your document and, after the last paragraph, enter this list of three terms and their definitions.

<DD>Hypertext Markup Language
<DD>Hypertext Transfer Protocol
<DD>Graphics Information File

Save the file again (text-only) and open it with your web browser.

Hypertext Markup Language
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Graphics Information File

Nested Lists

It's possible to nest and combine list tags to increasingly complex lists. In this case Books and Magazines are in one unordered list, and the titles under each are in separate ordered lists.

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